Astrological Astrology-concepts and types of astrology

Astrology is a science that studies planitarnih impact on human behavior and events at both the individual and global; a planetary scale. How is this discipline has developed thousands of years ago as a logical sequence of events, we have a number of different disciplines that deal with professional astrologers for different purposes. So we have different “kind of astrology ‘:


Modern Astologija:

-Natalna Astrology
-Elekciona Astrology
-Mundalna Astrology
-Medical Astrology
-Sinastrija and
-Karmicka Astrology
-Horarna astrology

Horary astrology is the oldest skills in this area. How developed thousands of years ago, when it was difficult or almost impossible utvridi accurate information to the client (day and time of birth). The basic principle is to analyze and interpret planetary influences for the moment when an astrologer comes in contact with the clients.

As this is a traditional branch of astrology it is interpreted the seven major planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).
The most famous names in this field are Ptolemy (most famous work Tetrabiblos), William Lilly (Christian Astrology, Christian astrology), and the newer stands out John Fravley (law astrology).

modern Astologija
Modern Astologija essentially differs in two main principles in relation to the traditional:

-podrazumeva work with ten major planets (ukljucijuci Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), but also the impacts of large asteroids and centaurs and fixed stars.
-Modern astrologers believe that any of the aspects can be transformed with energy work and are less prone to “fatalistic” conception astologije.
The branches of modern astrology include:

Natal Astrology
Natal astrology or “life horoscope” through which specify:

-all potential of the individual,
The most important thing zivotna events,
-positive and negative periods,
-ficicke and
-karakterne lines

Elective Astrology
Elective Astrology or “elective astrology” is a skill that astrologers are helping customers to select the optimal dates for the desired events, such as: important travel, marriage, surgical intervention.

Mundalna Astrology
Mundalna Astrology is part of astrology that deals with global events such as political changes, wars, earthquakes and horoscopes state.

Medical Astrology
Medical Astrology Astrology is a specific page for which it is necessary to understand how the planets and in medicine.

It helps clients around the diagnosis of the disease, determination of optimal therapy, risks of surgery and so on.

Sinastrija is astologija comparative horoscope. Interpreters in / compatibility emotional partners, business partners, potential for future relationships.

Staff Changes
Karmic astrology studies the influence of past lives and events of these periods to the present life of the individual.