Astrological interpretation-interpretation of individual parts natal chart and synthesis of the parts into a whole

Astrological interpretation involves two essential elements: the interpretation of the individual parts of the natal chart and synthesis of the parts into a whole. And at one and the second part is important to focus on priority elements. Of which the first movement and the rhythm of interpretation follows.

One of the reasons why sin in the interpretation of the identification signs of the zodiac with the planets and houses. This would mean that the meaning of Aries corresponds to the meaning of Mars and the first house. Although this is quite an alluring way, it is not correct. Are helpful in learning tasks, or more harm than good.

According to this rule, every Aries should be aggressive and confrontational, as ruled by Mars. Although Gemini can be aggressive, he’s creative, motivated, focused, friendly. How to explain this now Mars?

The first thing to know is that the zodiacal constellations get their meanings according to time periods, terms and conditions for astronomical observation indicators constellations. The planets exist as separate factors that are again due to its characteristics attributed to a sign in order to be enforced in a classification of interpretation.

Also, system houses in astrology was a little relieved because all sign a rule equated with a house and a place to fifth house, which refers to the talent, entertainment and children belong to Venus, it awarded the Sun and Leo.

Although the sun is the creative, practical and what we strive for, can not be linked to the field / house 5, first the Sun in the fifth house can often point to the lack of children or in the extreme case of a child who is interested in acting. If the sun is our ambition and careers, should be tied to the house 10, not 5. How sad that, when a rule Saturn rules the tenth house?

Another catch is a system house that is used and that all pretty frustrating, because if someone is accustomed to his Venus is in the fifth field and once in the sixth field, the more reason to create a doubt in the exactness of the interpretation.

The sky is fictitiously divided at home, no one can see your fifth house from the ground. They are provided for ease of interpretation, which does not mean that they should be out due to variability in interpretation, the more they regarded as fictitious lines that describe a given planet.

The aforementioned Aries gets its own characteristics due to the quality and the element that Mars as a planet can have. Therefore, Aries is full of action, because the cardinal and full of creativity, because the fiery sign, and Mars once again has nothing to do with this.

Next issue is the allocation of Aquarius Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Scorpio and Pisces. Although modern astrology certainly come up with new findings, it seems that with the planets only complicates the matter. I guess the reason being the many delirious interpretation that Mars can govern and Scorpio and Aries, as Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn and Jupiter Pisces and Sagittarius.

If you follow up on the explanation that the character has its own quality and element, the difference in expression of, for example, Mars at Aries and Scorpio will be in the fact that Aries is a cardinal fire and mod / quality, and Aquarius Water and fixed mode / quality.

This will affect the expression of Mars in both characters, so you will ovnovski Mars will be focused on action, optimism and create a scorpion on intuition, emotion, maintaining a state, either emotional or material.

Viewed this way we do not need Pluto, and is still introduced in astrology. He certainly used and gives a valid interpretation, which brings us to the fact that he did not do that in what is seen, but to the one who watches.

Astrology is not a closed system, although everyone is trying to put in some frames, knowing themselves to the sky no one has ever made a hedge, but not even a man.