Astrological significance of Venus and its manifestation in the three levels of consciousness

Venus in terms of astrology symbolizes love, wisdom, loyalty, beauty, abundance, joy, romantic relationships, joy, harmony, the need for balance. It is connected with our system of values, the things we appreciate in other people, which we support, and we ask that we act in the most meaningful expression of love. Venus represents the way we love and how we respond to love, what does it matter in an emotional relationship, how and how often cling cling, what are our priorities, and the like. In the men’s chart, Venus will define the type of girl who is the most attractive men, while the Moon refers to his wife and soul mate, so to speak. In women’s horoscope, Venus is representative of the female energy, sexuality, self-esteem and satisfaction internally, it defines romantic wishes of the person and their means of expression. Venus, like any other planet manifested in three levels of consciousness.

The first level of consciousness is tied to the sacrificial behavior in which Venus represents love more interest and transaction, so here she sacrifices her love for the sake of money, security, children. This is Venus who rejects their potential. From this perspective, it does not matter if Venus is in Taurus and in your seat, it can still mean that, for example, this Venus gives love in return for money, shopping, house, clothes, food, and interpretation of the Venus can be used keywords related to the lower level of consciousness, for example, selfish, stubbornness, materijalizam, distrust, helplessness, fear of changes, and the like.

Another thing that is very important here is that Venus at all times be located on several levels of consciousness, and that each level of consciousness is both realistic and there is no judgment if you behave in a certain way. For example, a person with Venus in Taurus loves his friends, supporting them, understand them and feel comfortable, and with a partner becomes jealous, cranky and overly cautious. Both realities are equally real to her, just as in a better feel, and the second not so much. This is evidence that at one time you can be wise and naive, and wisdom, for example, or unconditional love is not something that you reach in a certain period of life and then live that. With a higher level of consciousness You can experience the jealousy and envy and loneliness and anger, but in a completely different way than with a lower level of consciousness. The difference between high and low levels is that at the lower levels of consciousness is important to you when you’re in control and who controls you, but at a higher level of consciousness you matter whether you are happy or not, and what you will take on this point.

The second level of manifestation of Venus is bound to respect, status and integrity, this is Venus behaving in a socially responsible manner in order to form a good reputation, knows that he needs to take some responsibility for their behavior and it works. Here is Venus so to speak more independent.

At the third level, Venus is essential where the vibration is and how you feel at any given moment, at this level it deliberately chooses how it will feel, leaving it completely the will of the Universe. Therefore, at this level, Venus symbol law of attraction, unconditional faith and love which is reflected in practical matters, such as that a person knowingly makes a choice that is not annoying for some things and not given them much attention. At this level, I just mentioned Venus in Taurus will be loyal, persistent, durable, practical, good organizer, hardworking, capable and all this still does not guarantee that a person will not become a time jealous and insecure.

This highlights the fact that both the upper and lower awareness of widely available and it is very easy to connect to one or the other choices you make. Next time you think of radio stations and changing frequency, are waiting to hear a specific radio station or looking for yourself. This means that you will never hear Mozart on the radio frequency where singing Zdravko Colic. Higher and lower awareness are not good or bad, it’s just easier to be fulfilled on a higher consciousness.