Astrological transit technique is the most commonly used method in astrological predictions!

Handling astrological transit is the most preferred method in the astrological prediction (projections); basic principle is to interpret the movements of celestial bodies and their influence on our natal horoscope, but also Composite, Comparison, Progressive horoscopes …

How we in this article aim to get closer to the character and credibility of personal, daily horoscope (those based on the principle of interpretation of transit on a particular day), here we are primarily concerned with the influence of the planet to the natal position and their movement through the house (boxes) of your natal sign.

Most experts in astrology (horoscopes and interpreters) is extremely well-versed in foreign transits plenata (naturally, because they are the most represented in the literature, as well as in astrological consultations). So many of us easily determine the basic principles, such as that:

Jupiter transits relating to the expansion and prosperity in whatever field that finds favor with Jupiter becomes more energy structure that helps us in every situation recognizable meaning. Of course if you are challenging aspects of it must be through stressful circumstances.

Saturn transits, which are undoubtedly the most known, for years we have sent, on which I constantly worry … no doubt that Saturn faces us with the consequences of past actions, even in the most positive aspects he teaches us to take responsibility, whether we like it or not.

Uranium his “passing” through our natal chart talks about moments of expansion, the genius of the revolution. When the positive aspects of our natal planets gives us the ability to realize the full capacity individidualnih quality, but the negative aspects of misfits and makes us ill-prepared for the changes that are certain.

Neptune transits in any aspects suggest finding a sense, more knowledge, inner journey, arrival to the self. Of course that Neptune be expressed through wandering, addictive, non realization, but he always brings knowledge (a Saturn helps us to deal with it formally).

Pluto of its aspects brings transformation, directing us to the essential question of who we are, what our goals are, why we are where we are, on our ego and his destroyer at the same time. Pluto has the power to lift us to the highest positions, but also to force us to face complete nonsense.

Astrological characteristics that I briefly stated here, I believe that everyone you know, and you’re on your own personal ways had the opportunity to feel them, decipher and integrate into your life.

However, one important question remains, what about personal transits plenata and how much they actually have an impact on our lives?

The answer is that just transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars have a dramatic impact on the way we live, the chances that we are open and the decisions we make, and to the daily level!

The movements of the outer planets (which I have already mentioned) and their aspects with natal positions mark the most important cycles of our lives, talking about general energy, our capacity and the greatest changes. But what happens if we need answers to questions such as when is the optimal time for the signing of certain contracts, the day is auspicious to contact partners from the past, which days are the days of greatest risk, etc..

As an astrologer considers it a priority that his client provide adequate and as precise answers to these questions, but the most effective way to do this is making daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes (basic prejudice that these horoscopes incorrect, unprofessional, because it is assumed that they do not relate to individual, but the whole astrological sign, but the opposite is true).

From my long experience I claim that it is precisely the art of analyzing short periods of time give a complete overview of astrological influences on a daily basis, which dramatically increases the ability to astonishing precision present a optimal periods, and to warn those who may be characterized by severe astrological influence.

Of course it is when you create a daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are not a priority interpreted inflows of foreign plenata (which certainly mark the basic dynamics), so that’s why we include personal transits prey, during which applies a few basic rules:

The transits of the Sun
Speaking about the chances moment to shine, advantages that are before us, the people in high places, father figure, patrons. The negative aspects of note that just such people should stay away from (of course it is necessary to consider both the prey that form a negative aspect. For example, Mercury in square to the Sun can speak of complications compared to parent a child, voices that threaten our reputation, bad news and so on. ).

Transits Month
Although it is often because of the speed of the Moon’s movements are not used in practice, my experience is that they are a valuable indicator of overall energy that accompanies certain days, pointing to the importance of our emotional and psychological processes, and dramatically help to specify the positive conditions on certain days (eg. month field is always the II promotes financial arrangements through XII speaks of his strong intuition, strong dreams etc.), and is certainly worthy of observation and detailed analysis. Refers to wives, mothers, people warm, protecting energy.

Transits of Mercury
Is certainly one of the most basic astrological guidance in interpreting the daily horoscope. They tell us about the general energy talks we have the votes we receive, important information, and the like. At the time of Mercury retrograde is important to advise clients on extra caution when signing the contract, of securities (especially when it is on the negative aspect), and / or return to a job in the past (when, for example. Merkur R, trine ruler MC ). They represent those who are younger than us, the youngest colleagues, children and so on.

Transits of Venus
They represent the most important indicator of emotional events, days in which partnerships at the peak of the positive aspects of talk about compliments, flirting, and even emotional and important developments related (to you this refine sure to include aspects of Comparative and composite sign). The negative aspects opens up a chance to argue, insecurity, quarrels with women, friends, partners.

Tranizi Mars
Undoubtedly bring huge potential, but also great challenges. In case of favorable aspects assigned us positive energy, the will, the spirit of competition and winning. The negative warning of strife, aggression and even injury. They represent young, dynamic men who may be implusivniji, and be sure to warn the temperament which is important to control.