Astrology and Health First-house, ascendant or rising the field in the birth chart that describes our physical appearance, constitution, our physical health ….

Anatomy is destiny, said Freud – and astrology confirms the birth chart – specifically through the house in the birth chart that are responsible for the description of our physical bodies. The first house, ascendant or rising the field in the birth chart that describes our physical appearance, constitution, our physical health and ourselves. The first house is therefore important to describe our destiny because we are our body in this physical objective world. Therefore, be sound in the physiological sense, the primary need of all people to be able to work on all other levels – social, emotional and mental. To be healthy is the most important task of every person on this planet.

Keep your health means being aware of your body or soft on crime – a mean to love him. However, it is not easy, and we learn that lesson all my life – become aware of the unconscious signals of our body – as long as our borders go – when you need to rest. From the moment when something in our body is not right, when we have some hospitals it is a signal of our body rebels, warning that something needs to notice and to deal with it. You should listen to your body and be in line with him and with our physiology, because only then can we carry out other tasks and needs of social and emotional nature and needs of our spirit and soul. Astrology can help us in a very important thing – prevention, so while there has been no disease. The natal chart or map of the sky at the moment we are born is a unique map positions of the planets in the sky. She was never the same and almost five minutes can change the position of the important points that are important for the interpretation of any area of ​​our lives. And that means that the planets in the sky and the sky above was never the same, as we are unique beings and approaches both psychological and medical must be holistic and unique to each individual. Through the centuries astrology has worked in favor of the man and his health. Astrologers were doctors (Paracelsus, Hipokratnpr) and astrological knowledge in ancient veme was inseparable from the medical profession.

Through the birth chart as a map of our souls but also the houses in the natal chart describing our health, we can more clearly be specific vitality but also certain diseases that a person is prone.

Health, in addition to setting the first house in the birth chart, we can estimate the planet and that is most important for all of us – and that is the sun, which in astrology associated with the will and the life energy but also with the notion of consciousness. The sun passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac, and each of them is more or less life energy. Certainly that is the basic assessment of energy individual bit and the house where the Sun is in the map as well as aspects to what he says to the other planets. The sun is the source of our life and his position in the signs that bear a strong life force – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – is primarily a good position, because the sun then the possibility of good health and vitality energy. However, this certainly can not be a rule or general, because there are houses in the birth chart which are interpreted together with the setting sun, and to the houses of illness (physical and mental bodies).

Further, an astrologer in the map must pay attention to houses that are related to the disease, both physical (sixth house) and psychological (twelfth house). These two opposite house, planets in them as well as the aspects between them will give a detailed insight into the possibility of genetic predisposition to developing certain diseases, the sudden, unfortunate events that are possible throughout life, as well as the mental health of a person, which is very important, especially in modern age in which more and more represented psychosomatic oboljenja- such as high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, problems with the digestive tract, as well as various undefined neuralgia. Twelfth house – houses psyche must detail to consider when interpreting the natal chart because it is responsible for a very important psychological stability of people, especially the poorer position of ruler of the house can bring problems with allergies, mental health problems, addiction to various drugs, fears, insomnia and similarly.

The passage of Saturn the planet one of the most difficult in terms of astrology through certain natal home, known as a carrier of karma and disease, is a very important part in the interpretation of the general state of human health on a half year basis. This planet, namely, two and a half years going through one character, but often with serious and difficult lessons in life but also check if we pay attention to their health, if it goes through our house illness. Often brings temptations, problems if not well treated there and his body reminds us that it is time to deal with it.

Predictions or forecasts that Astrologer could make for an annual period or for a longer period of life related to the health situation, serve to precisely the person in time informed about the possible activation of planets that are responsible for disease and preventive involved in various kinds of activities – preventive, diagnostic, physical and spiritual.