Astrology and medicine, under the interpretation of charts:

Astrology and medicine, astrology has always been at the service of man and his health. Map of the sky, which is divided into 12 parts interpret as a house or a field related to areas of life. The most important area of ​​our lives we are us, our physical health, the body that has shown the first house which is called astrological ascendant or rising. This house will show us how we are physically healthy, what is our constitution, how much light and life has within us the strength, will and vitality of life. The very definition of health by the World Health Organization shows that the concept of health does not refer only to our physical body but also the mental and emotional. If a man is happy in a relationship, a job that he was satisfied with it but no serious illness on a physical level – can be said to be healthy. Term health we need to expand, therefore, not only the physical body, but also to our emotions, or psyche and social status. We often say that our heart pain or difficult breathing when we are unhappy, sad, and also we have a headache or pressure in the head because of dissatisfaction, anger, or when we are burdened, especially in the emotional ties but also burdened with worries about work or finances. Psychosomatic illnesses are a reflection of constant internal dissatisfaction, and are conditioned by mental and emotional disabilities.

Astrology and medicine, under the interpretation of birth chart astrology can not only rely on the interpretation of the first items of the house if it wants deeper picture of the client, but also a home that relates to emotions and love but also to the client’s house work. It is interesting that the house service work and general purposes, a person feels for others, will describe the client’s illness. The possibility that a man is sick is associated with a sense of purpose and service to others in society. Astrology This interpretation confirms the old saying – or you’re a doctor or a patient. Sixth natal house will then describe our predisposition to surrender to the service from its setting depends on how we can be the purpose of others, how we love your work and how you perform and therefore how we are valued in society. This is a house ruled by the sign of Virgo, so this house to reveal the diet that is beneficial for the client, as he was prone to disease, but the relationship between the planets first and the sixth house can show the connection between the client with certain diseases. In addition to these houses, the astrologer when considering the full health of the person and what he most likely or the most vulnerable, must take into account the field of the psyche and the relationship of the house to the first house. Psychological state of the person is very important in the course of life, and yet in the natal chart, this area was presented to the last house and it is interesting to us is shown as a house from which follows our Constitution or our vitality. And it’s a great truth. How we look at life, our positive or negative attitudes, our optimism and primary desire to live, how to choose and whether we choose our life and the people who we surround depends on our mental state, and of our mental state largely depends on the physical state. If this house is burdened by bad planets or aspects it is a sign that the person is more prone to fears, uncertain and unstable to take their lives into their own hands. While it used to house describing the physical body well placed and indicates that a person can take advantage of capacity that is presented in the form of physical strength, but if her house psyche is not well connected with this house, there may be a variety of life’s difficulties. It can be said that a person is not associated with your inner, subconscious work, and that intuition, internal security and faith in yourself is not used in the right way, and make bad decisions, does not exploit favorable living conditions due to the uncertainty and fear that. poorer mental condition. This last house applies to all hospitals and institutions for the treatment of body and soul, so the astrologer easy to recognize problems from natal predisposition of these houses.

Whether a person can be completely healthy, is a question that can now be set. Or it may be asked whether a person could ever find a certain balance in all areas of life – that can be said to be healthy – ie. you can give your best society and the community, to be happy in the emotional relationship that is physically healthy? The most important consideration in which an astrologer has in this matter is whether the person has the strength and will, and the possibility that she got birth to consciousness, discover and use and that deliver their maximum potential through experience and for the wider community. This requires setting a good home or family home, ie. fourth natal home client from which you can see the base or bases they receive as a child – whether a person supported by their parents, genetics, what we najbilskije – mothers. The fourth house in the birth chart will always show our roots and how much power we get from our ancestors but primarily the love of our parents – if we were elected, what is our capacity of love that we have received and which can be transferred to others. The fourth house will describe the depth of our relationship with ourselves, we get the sense of security during the first four years of our lives. A balance that maintains the vitality of life with a positive attitude that recognizes the psychological state, but also to our capacity of humanity to help others to be brought in line with our capabilities and requirements of the environment – depend on the love of ourselves. If the planets describe the feeling of closeness towards themselves, which are actually the rulers of the fourth house on good terms with other planets – and above all with the planet that describes us (ruler of the first house), we can balance our desires, needs and requirements of the environment with our capacity. Only when we love ourselves, which means we have the support of generations behind us, they gave us love, we can be helpful to others, and we can give love to others.