Astrology deals with the phenomenon of time and the interpretation and analysis of the concept of time!

The word horoscope is formed from the Greek language, and is composed of two words HORA – weather scopos – considered. In essence, understanding and monitoring of your life the most important factor is the weather. Astrology follows the life stages and cycles, which begin and end when a specific and important planets in the sky changes its position and it always brings changes in our objective lives. Astrologer track changes planets in the sky but must be linked to the annual horoscope of a person, with a horoscope that follows the inner development of a person. We its internal development attract events and people in your life, but they come when all the pieces agree – when the time is around us, as the highest judge says it’s time.

Astrology, the observation that our growth. our annual or multi-annual horoscope, does not use any external horoscopes, but our birth chart – but it only increases in time. So how are we from birth to the present day and still do, but our body is increased, and that is our mind. increase awareness, and astrology birth chart used as the basic and most important parameter for monitoring the current situation. But to ianalizirala just this life old people, natal chart is like a microscope increases specifically for this year. Essentially year forecast indicates comparison natal chart with increased birth chart for the environmental year in which the person is located and the current situation in the sky (transits) and these three parameters are compared and if there is a match or exact aspects (relations) between the planets then it will happen an event or something important in the symbolism of the planet that match.

Astrology deals with the phenomenon of time and therefore the interpretation and analysis of the concept of time that is given to us in our lives. This means that a person has a birth chart and determined that. defined life period – say 90 years. At that time, the person is going to happen some (or many) events – but only those who are in her natal chart formulated. It can not be anything to happen any event, if this person has described the birth chart. A natal chart is vital horoscope, where are written codes of our genetics, mostly where there are strained relations between people who are in our genetics or if we by karmic past life, the astrologer identifies the bad aspects between planets. A person grows, it becomes more aware and come to the moment when he can face his challenges in life (let’s say that someone has a tense relationship between the Sun and the Moon), and that it tries to solve. The internal development and the moment when a person is ready to deal with his problem (bad aspect BETWEEN two planets) astrologer sees through yearly horoscope that says as internal horoscope persons (increase by progressive technique, called progressive horoscope). But that person can not resolve the conflict, which has now become aware until the current transits (current position) or the current time does not approve that. while in the sky does not happen the same or similar aspect to initiate a person to start to solve. It may be that at that time people get to know someone, it will happen to her an important event – perhaps an operation, etc. saobraćni fortunes.

We think that there is outside time, or cheat, what time of internal or external horoscope is the only time outside but we recognize as legitimate, because we just see things and people around us, never ourselves. This inner view still eludes us – in fact, we are aware that much – but we need other people and events that are inseparable from the objective time (clock, calendar or time zones). Annual Horoscope then gives a picture of whether the person this year ready for a change, to which stage of awakening certain challenges or problems came to where her focus of interest if it is not, and if so, when it would be good transits the sky when you can fast and best be engaged in solving them ie. when the current time support.

Making the prognosis is very good if you just interpret the natal horoscope. The natal chart is our definition, as we have defined as soon as we are born gender, skin color, country with which we are born, social status, family status. We defined time or collective trend in which we grow, social patterns, norms and forms. We have defined the lives of our ancestors, roots and memories, wars that were fought and deeply influenced the collective consciousness the moment we are born (so we carry all very similar stories and a base that gives birth in this region). Why do we think that we have not defined the sky which is above us, konstelacionom setting and myths that sazveđa just above our heads nose because these myths once told a man and we enjoy sharing them and keep them from oblivion just like our ancestors in the genes. And why not imagine that stories above us have the same storyline and message as the one that occurred on the territory of our country is still water.

Astrology taught me as much as I can blow it up, as an image, one’s horoscope. And whatever can zoom in more and deeper and deeper to look at that point and to focus and analyze specific detail that a person interested to utančina. But then lose focus on the complete picture. Often people come with a specific problem or do not realize that the problem is caused by their entire life and they are at the moment become aware of the problem but not the cause of that. the path that led them to this problem. And because of the focus on the problem do not see a solution.

Focusing on a detail person loses contact with its totality and all the opportunities it has. The greatest immediate opportunity for a solution to any problem is to change attitudes towards it. The overall view of himself and of himself, the person giving the ability to change and what is certainly different compared to our ancestors or past life and what is not defined is the change you can make in a relationship. Attitude towards reality, towards other people, according to an event that is repeated or compared to the weather. What we are doing now, in this moment different is that now we can make choices in relationship to everything. Astrology can provide us with information through the natal chart any definition of the relationship we have received from our ancestors and what we can in these relations to be changed and whether the person has the capacity to change that. whether it is given and how to encourage the change about it.

What we know as the astrologer is that we can at the same time watch your whole life, or the annual forecasts and connect them at this point, but only if we work on our inner focus ie. the focus of our inner being (why I do this, if I have the strength to get through this, how can I help myself, what needs to change in themselves and relative to it, etc.). Because there are always three times what we have defined – what we were born (natal chart), it follows that our internal development (internal time) and time from the calendar. You should never lose attention to the overall image in itself to keep in mind three times, you should never ignore everything that defines us (where we came from), because all of this has affected our development, we are who we are now (primarily lives ! I have the ability to change) and convert them to the next step (where we started).