ASTROLOGY MAY: Determine your sign … Mayan Mayan calendar consists of 20 days, 13 galactic numbers and 260 days a year

The Mayan calendar consists of 20 days, 13 galactic numbers and 260 days a year. One day Mayan symbol defines a personality. There are many mysteries surrounding the Mayan astrology which today exist. Discover which sign you belong.

CROCODILE from 2 January to 21 January
The first character indicates the beginning of the Crocodile. Characteristics of his intelligence, creativity and expression of energy. You can be aggressive and selfish. You are full of energy. You can be very dominant. You are the first people from the initiative.

WIND from 22 January to 10 February
Another sign is the wind, which has a powerful force. May astrology believes that this is a thoughtful, intelligent and communicative person with high self-awareness. You are open, flexible and very idealistic. May still be undecided about some things. They have a lot of interests and more than one occupation.

HOUSE / night from 11 February to 2 March
You are responsible for the transmission of tradition and keeping things in place. You are cautious and careful in your thoughts and actions, you are also very optimistic. Work in the interest of safety and security for themselves and others. Your new ideas, strength and patience are boundless, yet you doubt yourself too. Allow changes to happen because they give a beautiful time transformations.

LIZARD from 3 March to 22 March
You’re a natural entertainer, full of passion. You need a leg of personal freedom, and sometimes a bit of solitude. You have very high standards for yourself and try to realize their dreams through hard work. Although you are an independent person, the family and friends you very mean. Your brave and respected phenomenon captivates. You can be very passionate about what you can sometimes distract from the primary goals.

ZMIJA from 23 March to 11 April
You are empathetic and compassionate, and also a force to be reckoned with for the realization of ideals. You have a tendency to easily lose your temper if your emotions are not an adjustment and it can look very dramatic. It should avoid stress in the relationship that the problems would not be culminated.

DEATH from 12 April to 1 May
You are open to ideas and willing to sacrifice for the common good. Practical, generous and blessed with peace of mind, you have excellent communication facility. It is important to dedicate time to yourself, otherwise you can burn out and be bitter in your efforts to help others. You are sensitive and difficult to accept the loss.

Deer from 2 May to 21 May
You love to wander, to be slightly eccentric. While you are innovative, have strong instincts and tremendous care to the loved ones. You strive for solitude, but you have the ambition to experience all the pleasures assignment unique natural leather life has to offer. Easily hurt by unreliable people or unfulfilled promises. You’re doing what you think is right and not falling under the influence of the environment.

ZEC / STAR from 22 May to 10 June
You are playful and smart. Lively you spiritually and physically. Life is a game you need to play your motto. However, you are looking for attention and admiration. You can be nervous and selfish because you occasionally uncertain about what specifically you are able.

WATER from 11 June to 30 June
You are a natural leader with high Emotional Intelligence. Your imagination and strong principles are two of your strongest features. You give more than what you hope to get in return. Your emotions are deep, although they may take the form of obsessive, if you are provoked a negative attitude. Follow your vision of a unified, where the world needs to become a better place.

PAS from 1 July to 20 July
It is known as the most loyal support which provides all the other characters. Dogs are reliable and achieve great results. Working in teams is a popular and effective way to good business. Your best qualities are courage and dedication to loved ones. You instinctively know who is on your side.

MAJMUN from 21 July to 25 July
This is about the star that shines in the art. Your need is that you are constantly in the society and to attend social events and parties. Balancing between their personal needs and time with family and loved ones can cause discord. Your intellectual mind takes you to the original and useful ideas. Patience is not your forte.

GRASS from 26 July to 14 August
You are very flexible and willing to reach out to those in need. However, the problem you have to express your feelings and you keep them to himself. You live your life according to your schedule and terms. One of your strongest strength is the care of nurturing personality and the ability to keep your emotions under control.

Cod from 15 August to 3 September
You are authoritative and direct. If once you set your goals, you are assured that they will be implemented. You are very wise, but sometimes excessive security can induce anger others and harder to communicate. You will strive for peace and ease in your relationships. Solving problems is one of the main focus of your. Respect the rules and morals are very important things for you.

JAGUAR from 4 September to 23 September
Your interpersonal and intellectual qualities are very powerful. Deep intimacy with people for you is very important. You are quite spiritual, and seeks to fulfill a higher purpose. You can be very mysterious to refrain from any options open until you are sure that you have a reliable creditor. You can be the strategists to the point that works manipulative.

EAGLE from 24 September to 13 October
You love your liberty and you want to explore different places, ideas and people. In this exhibit one of your most important characteristics, such as perfectionism. You can hold a safe distance from each other, so as to hold the page, and you can operate withdrawn. You deal with technical areas, such as science, mentally stimulating and philosophical themes.

WISDOM / RATNIK from 14 October to 2 November
You represent happiness in things started, it’s your symbol. Your place is on the high value of life experience. You can create the impression of a ruthless towards others, but it is because you have the ability to see things as they are. You have a tendency to be cynical at times. If you put under the magnifying glass of your self-esteem returns merciless blow.

COUNTRY / EARTHQUAKE from 3 November to 22 November
This is a very thoughtful character, smart and philosophically oriented. You have the perfect control and good mitigating harmful things. You have the potential to be well educated, but your mind is always inspired by new ideas. All practical and do not have to make sense, which can lead to stress and confusion.

KNIFE 23 November to 12 December
You keep reality, you are very logically oriented and selfless. You also prone to problems in your relationships because of your need to apply logic at all. In emotional terms you tend to izdramatizujete situation. The question is, how do you react to the unpredictable nature of things. You are worthy of you and work therapy. Try often displaying your emotional side.

RAIN from 13 December to 1 January
It is believed that you are at healing powers. You like that you are in constant motion. We commit ourselves to the tasks executed until it’s over. Do not leave anything half. You have a lot of friends, also requires your personality individuality. You never lose your childish curiosity. Believe higher powers, and you’re intrigued by the religious and spiritual ideology.