ASTROLOGY reveals Dame, find out what your man in sexual UNSAFE!

No human being is immune to sexual uncertainty, it is not your man. Find out what he undermines confidence, to be able to influence it to feel better in bed.


Aries man is proud to be able to dominate the bedroom, but often wonders if it’s what you see. He has to know that the powerful and strong in bed. He must know that the best, because it all worse than that to kill the term, even if it does not want to admit it.


Bulls are very competitive category – except when it comes to size. Although often very gifted, bulls need to be convinced that nothing ever exceeding their equipment never seen before. Often with friends compared the size of the penis and investigates average sizes in the world.


Members of this sign love to hear your partner when climaxing, but it is not their greatest need. Their biggest concern is whether the woman enough fun. If the Twin learned that faking an orgasm, it will break him.


If for some reason Rak concerned then it is his performance. He can be so nervous that it often takes longer to start up. Do not ever tell him that he needs too much time to attack or to take too long to come to the summit, it would have made.


They’re obsessed with pornography, while the Lions are most concerned about how they look in bed. If you want to scare him, just tell him to look foolish while ends. This is what it looks like when “as the day she was born,” his biggest concern.


Device in everything, even in bed, they like to have control. However, they have a submissive side, and it can make them very insecure. Often questioned his manhood because of the desire to subjugate women.


Members of this sign are most afraid of the fact that their sexual prowess will make fun of behind their backs. A good reputation and respect are very important and Libra have to have them in the bedroom and beyond.


They are very insecure about sex in general. Making love makes them vulnerable for so manifest all your weaknesses that you do not want to admit that they can. In sex show feelings that you do not want to recognize and therefore they are difficult to hunt down the bed.


Shooters are insecure when it comes to bonding. Although often afraid of commitment, do not want to see them as a short-term fun. Even if you just want “a one-night” iznerviraće so if you’re watching them.


Members of this sign is nervous about whether I can bring you to orgasm and so often even too much effort. Failure does not exist in their vocabulary and will do everything to become aware of that. His worst nightmare is unsatisfied woman.


Aquarians have a fairly conflicting views on intimacy. On the one hand, and this is how they want, on the other hand they do not want to be too “hook” for them. Too much love and pats can drive them out.


Fish have a problem with the time to look and what they’re worth. You need a lot of them indulging and flattering to feel perfectly safe.