ASTROŠANK: Check the cocktails most agreeable your sign

Smućkajte astro perfect cocktail!

Night is happy wiggle to the bar, the waiter looks at you quizzically and you – instead of saying what you drink, tells you a sign in the horoscope. On air with understanding and coming to our site, to look at what you need to save. Does not sound like the best party ever?

Have you tried a cocktail of stars you recommend?
Rams are fiery and be ruled by the god of war Mars. Therefore, for them the perfect Nassau cocktail that matches the fiery nature of this sign. It is refreshing, has a bit of alcohol and has a calming effect on the ram impatient.

Required: per cup of lemon juice and grapefruit juice, 4 cups of orange juice, two glasses of vodka and raspberry syrup.
Preparation: mix the ingredients, add ice cubes, pour into a chilled glass and garnish disc lemon and fresh cranberries.

Venus rules Taurus, and is on a sensual gourmet who loves company. Its flower is the rose, and before them the smell of mint. For the Bulls are the best drinks that stimulate and satisfy his refined taste, which is why it is recommended for green cocktail.

Required: cup white rum, liqueur cups of mint, 2 cups of vodka, fresh mint leaves.
Preparation: Mix the ingredients, add crushed ice, pour into chilled glasses, garnish with rose and mint leaves.

Changeable and inconstant Gemini prefer strong colors and ambiguous situations or with certain solutions. It is recommended to them a cocktail of anise.

Required: cup liqueur made from cherries, mastic 3 cups, 3 cups of water and ice.
Preparation: Place the ingredients in a shaker, add plenty of ice, izmućkati and pour into bowls. Serve decorated with orange circles and some exotic or seasonal fruits.

Crabs are by nature nostalgic dreamers. They love all that is vague and elusive. They prefer discrete colors, or food, flavorful, and he feels so strongly quick drink – sparkling Sheikh is right for him.

Required: a glass of vodka, white rum 3 cups, 3 cups of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons umućenog egg white, ice.
Preparation: put the ingredients in a blender and stir until it foams. Serve in a chilled glass.

Born leader LAV loves everything he emphasizes and strengthens the strong and indomitable nature. Its patron is the sun, and his suit yellow color and aroma of basil. That’s why he’ll like pineapple cocktail.

Needed: A glass of sparkling wine, cup of pineapple syrup, slices of fresh pineapple.
Preparation: pineapple syrup poured over ice wine, decorate glass rings of pineapple and basil leaves and serve immediately, while bubbling.

Shy and reticent Virgo is always dressed and full of matter. Reigns supreme feelings and actions, likes discrete colors and dim lights. Prijaci her cocktail to shake a little – a cocktail of encouragement.

Required: 2 cups of vodka, 1 cup of pear liqueur, cocoa cream cups, ice, soda water.
Preparation: All the ingredients are well mixed, add ice cubes and a little soda water. Decorate flower hydrangea and thyme sprigs.

Scales are sophisticated, elegant, charming and indecisive. They love all that is beautiful and refined. Their color is pink, and they therefore recommended Šunskų cocktail with strawberries – Rosini.

Required: 2 cups of vodka, a cup of wild strawberries, a glass of brandy, 2 glasses of sparkling wine.
Preparation: Well chilled ingredients stir and pour into champagne glasses high. Garnish rings oranges and strawberries.

Passionate, emotional, torn by internal fires, Scorpio is a sign of extremes. Mars and Pluto make it aggressive and rich. She likes bright colors and strong flavors, strong experience, and she’ll love cocktail millionaire.

Required: 2 cups of white rum, dark cup vermouth, cup lemon juice, ice.
Preparation: In a shaker mix everything, pour into glasses and garnish deep gardenia.

Honest, cheerful and optimistic – STRELAC loves bright colors and spicy flavors. He loves to travel, and he therefore proposed the stars drink that will evoke the distant sea – Cocktail Ivory Coast.

Required: 2 cups of lemon juice, 3 cups orange juice, Kirsch cup, cup of kiwi liqueur, bitters cup.
Preparation: All the mix, add ice, pour into glasses and garnish with slices of orange and lemon.

Capricorn is strict, decisive and conservative. Its ruler Saturn loves dark hues and sharp tastes, and is the perfect cocktail dark, nutritious and cumbersome – Black Velvet:

Required: a glass of strong, dense red wine, egg yolk, a little nutmeg, soda water.
Preparation: In a blender mix everything, pour in a deep glass, add soda in a strong stream and serve immediately.

Unpredictable, volatile and in the clouds – Aquarius loves everything that is refreshing, natural and stimulating. Lives in tension and draws all unattainable. Prijaci her fantasy cocktail:

It takes 3 cups of lemon juice, 2 cups of liquor mint, 2 cups vodka tonic.
Preparation: Stir all, add slices of fresh fruit and serve chilled.

Elusive, vague and romantic FISH love freedom and escape from the monotony of that seen in the water. Their color is blue and she’ll love cocktail Ocean.

Required: 2 cups of vodka, liqueur 1 cup of kiwi, a slice of pineapple ice.
Preparation: Stir all ingredients, garnish disc pineapple and serve chilled.