B and K-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

BIK ON – Although considered one of the greatest lover of the Zodiac, Taurus is surprisingly quite faithful, because they do not like to change their habits, or to jeopardize their emotional peace. However, the desire to enjoy everything that is beautiful, leads him into situations where he can not resist, but will make sure that you would never find out. Taurus men will in a forbidden relationship (as indeed in all) to prepare the ground well, leaving no room for doubt, because it will not under any circumstances compromise the long-term partner or family.

BIK ONA – It is unlikely that she would want to fool you if you tell her in all the inconvenience which means emotional, erotic and – financially. If you do not fill in all her expectations, Taurus woman will patiently wait for that to happen, because you chose it to be and her – only her man. Even if you find out that you did not, you forgive the deception, if she or the family, at no time were threatened. If you feel that you run the other way, will fight tooth and nail to get you back where you belong – beside her. If a woman decides to Taurus to another, means that you are who you are for it has always been the first and only – really disappointing.