B and K-radius come to work before the start of the working time to drink coffee in silence!

1. Bulls occupy a high place on the scale of favorite safes. Very rates talents and abilities of their subordinates and they believe that it is important to reward hard-working, reliable and loyal workers.

2. Bulls are the best hosts even in the workplace. As soon as you step into their office will serve you coffee during business talks offer whiskey or cookies, but the negotiations end up in a restaurant known for its excellent cuisine.

3. The survey was conducted on thousands of married couples points to the conclusion that the Bulls are willing to wait longer to persons to whom they are courting reciprocate love. Astrological explanation of this phenomenon is bullish patience and dedication.

4. Research in which they used footage of Hollywood entertainment show that bulls often than other characters beloved person possessive hold around the waist when dating or entering the hall that constantly monitor the rate and to frown if you dance with someone else.

5. When hobbies are concerned, the Bulls are usually devote horse breeding, beekeeping and horticulture. Among Njume a remarkable number of collectors of valuable paintings and rare postage stamps.

6. Most gladly come to work before the start of the working time to drink coffee in silence and detailed plan working day. The reason is clear. Do not tolerate panic and anxiety when someone rush or interruptions.

7. They do not have a high opinion of people who use cheap perfumes, carrying clothes from artificial materials or living in homes whose architecture and interior decoration give bad taste.