B L I Z A N I-C are among the most regular patients in clinics psychologists!

1. Twins are masters in communication, so the faster than other characters begin to communicate in the language of the country in which they find themselves. The most numerous among the polyglot, often fluent in several languages, and are also considered excellent translators.

2. psychological tests humor Gemini achieved excellent results. They’re real “bank” jokes and witticisms. They know mundane situations recounted so that listeners “dying of laughter,” but their presence at parties guarantee a successful evening.

3. If they conclude that brings more benefits practicing a hobby rather than real interest, they will be without insulting him completely paid. Most of them were in the group of those remanded pushed high in the work that they initially considered temporary.

4. Studies show that twins are most common in the group of those who in later years retain youthful appearance and style of dress or wear bold tones and fashion accessories that are trendy.

5. To them, love is never enough, witnessed by the fact that getting married in nursing homes more than members of other characters. No missed several marriages for them is not a reason to once again not pronounce “I do”.

6. Solving crossword puzzles and quizzes, and participation in favorite pastimes Gemini. According to a survey amedrickom far the highest percentage of winners in various quiz competitions were born under this sign.

7. They are among the most regular patients in clinics psychologists and psychiatrists specialized for the treatment of phobias from fire, or the height of enclosed spaces.