BALANCE: The balance of emotion and body condition HEALTH zodiac signs

Pisces symbolizes harmony and balance. It has a good constitution and a strong defense mechanism. In life, she is the most important love and marriage quality, even if there is unsatisfied, it will be more susceptible to stress and disease. A lot of attention laid on the outward appearance, cost her to look beautiful and attractive, but if it is fashionable thinness, izgladnjivaće until you achieve the desired weight (or transparency). Therefore, it is prone to psychosomatic disorders and eating disorders that are recently more and more talk, bulimia and anorexia.
In the horoscope of extending its central part, a body with masters stomach (lower) and authorities that are there – the abdominal organs, loin, adrenal glands, kidneys. And as a sign that worries about outside, she belongs to the outer shell of the body, the skin and the road. Prone to allergies and DERMATOVENEROLOŠKA disorders, back pain, headaches, troubled digestion and hormonal and mineral imbalance. Is sensitive to sunlight, so it is very important to avoid them, and to regularly and carefully nurtures the skin. She recommended essential oil incense, plenty of spring water and fruit, tea uvin cleaning the kidneys and urinary tract.
Exercise: Yoga
Members of Scales quite painful feeling the effects of the accelerated lifestyle and to function normally, they need a balance of body and spirit. Yoga will help to strengthen the body and bucket perceive the spiritual strength that lies within them. For starters they recommended short meditation exercise: sit back and crossed his legs, back straight and eyes closed. Then, try to visualize the room, the sun is very slowly looming on the horizon and that the growing lights up the sky, creating an atmosphere of divine peace. Meditate every day at a certain time, preferably morning and evening.