Be careful how you park: Position the car affect the positive energy!

All in Feng Sui is “spinning” around positive energy, which means that it can be applied in any space where you spend time. If you are often in the car, try to apply at least some of the basics.

1- Clear and clean
Do not hold the car to unnecessary things. Keep it clean, inside and out. What are some things in the back of the lumber, does not mean they do not exist. If you keep the car clean, positive feng shui energy to you is guaranteed.

2- fresh and clean air
Another important thing is regularly windmills. If weather permits, open windows often. If not, use aromatherapy diffusers or natural scents. You can also choose different essential oils depending on your mood. Lemon and mint fragrance will give you energy and help you to keep your focus, and you should avoid lavender and other scents relaxing because it will calm down, which is not good – especially at longer distances.

3- Encourage local atmosphere
We have already said that the car should not collect a bunch of stuff, but it would be good to put some little things that will give your car a specialty. Good feng shui in the car provide courses in your favorite color, and ornaments of stone and crystals. You should not hang the “stones” that diverts focus from driving, but it will do you good to occasionally take a look at a cherished memento.

Feng Shui always works best if it is subtle, but if you’re wondering whether you overdo it, it is better to omit the subject.

And one more thing…

If possible, park the car so it was not directed at the home, as this draws positive energy.