BECAUSE OF THIS YOU HAPPY: The greatest disadvantages of each zodiac sign that destroys a love relationship

Here are characteristics of each sign of the zodiac that will make you want to flee headlong. What sign will get fras if he accidentally leave a dirty cup in the sink, which will begin to flirt with all your friends, find out below.

Rams have najimpulsivniju nature! You should work on suppression of rage.

Being in a relationship with the Rams is to be related to immature and naive people, but sometimes you can do that you’re dealing with a teenager instead of an adult and mature person.

They like to get involved in new things, but you can not expect to complete them by the end, as they will in the meantime attention distracted by something else. They have big problems with patience.

They are very selfish and “narrow” understanding, however, so do not be surprised if we do not try to understand your perspective.

The bulls are known for their stubbornness, so do not expect to ever win the argument. They just do not give in.

Good luck with the division of household chores, your Taurus will often park your butt on the sofa and watch you as tidying up the apartment. Their needs are always more important than yours.

Terrible is not interesting.

It’s hard to emotionally open, and from them you can not expect that you share their concerns.

The twins are completely unreliable person. Every day is a challenge, because you never know with whom you are going to wake up a person.

A fancy are a lot of promise, but everything remains only in words.

Quickly saturate all, not even you will not be an exception.

Living with Gemini means to live in a cemetery half-finished projects and ideas.

Their mood swings are exhausting. Crabs are likely to offend, but are not inclined to take responsibility for the consequences of the enunciated.

Intrusive are gainful.

It could happen that this has already requested the second meeting.

Life with cancers can be quite boring. In fact, it’s hard to persuade them to go along to a new restaurant or on a journey into the unknown.

With its Leo never feel over-confident about, since they tend to flirt with anyone at any time.

I will love you more than your reflection in the mirror. No Lion in history has never admitted he was wrong.

Their arrogance is unpleasant. They have to be in the center of anyone’s attention, and you along with it always a bit in shadow.

They tend to condemn and criticize too much.

Living together with Virgin means that you will be the one to always make the first move.

It seems that their inherent uncertainty, which is not at all sexy.

If you accidentally leave a dirty cup in the sink, it will not let you forget about this extremely reckless failure for months after the “incident”.

You will never know what they really think, because the scales will tell you only what they think you want to hear.

Decision-making takes hours.

At any time, you can not turn back without warning. Tasti are obsessed with physical beauty.

They lack the will power, and sometimes turns into a real whiner.

Jealousy Scorpio is already well known.

You’ll never know what he really feels, because they tend to manipulate and your emotions and your.

You are ready to leave and injuries like no other before. They are very deceptive and secretive.

Less strife will regularly turn into a huge drama.

Sagittarians are the worst listeners around the zodiac; always will be addressed from a height.

Fun is the only thing they have in mind non-stop, in case you run out of that you will listen constantly whining and lamentation.

They know absolutely everything and so happy trying to learn something new.

Are extremely dominant and controlling prone. They are often insensitive to other people’s feelings.

Their priority is business and it will make clear.

Two words: control freak!

Everything they do, they work solely for themselves and they do not care if you hurt along the way.

They love routine, but the connection with it pretty boring. Closed behind their walls, best of luck to break through the same!

Aquarius live life inside our heads, and often make absent.

They always know best, but the relationship with them can often seem like giving instructions.

At the meeting you will rarely go only to him, because more than anything loves his company.

They like to bring forward conclusions and condemn. You will always know what they think, but rarely what they feel.

Pisces needs a lot of space.

You can not persuade them to do anything, but even if they succeed, they will need forever to finish what they started.

We rarely know what they really want out of life. Fish will sacrifice their own needs and emotions that the relationship was of the highest quality, but later you will resent it.

Every idealize your relationship, and you are expected to fulfill their fantasies of the perfect partner.