Better Sex in accordance with the sign of passion Wake-under the sign of …

You have the impression that they no longer enjoy the passion as the beginning of a relationship when you are not able to separate from one another? Time to get a little extra effort to spark sparkling again: look at how to awaken the passion in accordance with zodiac sign.

Aries need adventure, romance and fantasy of “knight in shining armor”. Forget the old shirt in which you sleep, tune up before going to bed, and you can seduce and transform into your very own game of cat and mouse.

Taurus loves hugs, cuddling and feeling of intimacy at all times. Do not conquering limited to rare moments when you have time. Try a little to awaken dormant senses. Bulls like to spoil: silk or satin underwear, bath for two, and even the common enjoyment of cooking contribute closeness.

Gemini oscillate sandwiched between “bookworm” and complete debauchery. These extremes reconcile if you find a good, serious book that deals with human sexuality. Then you together to explore new ways to refresh your sexual life. Aquarius does not tolerate boredom in any sphere of life, there is no sex. Strive to be intrigued by the new tricks in bed.

Crabs easily go astray, and they are able to devote only work so much that they forget everything else. They need encouragement and to enjoy life and sex. So if you are related to people born under the sign of Cancer, she constantly put clear that attracts you and that you care about her. This is the best way to great sex with cancer.

Leo wants to feel worship, and if you are watching with eyes full of wonder, sex would be perfect. This, of course, does not mean you should be faking, but that Leo should openly show feelings. If lovemaking becomes routine, Leo will “zatvoriiti”. Leo wants compliments, enjoy them and then his sexual energy is growing, which means – a pleasure for both. Plus additional details will bring you to the bedroom bring a touch of glamor.

Virgo needs encouragement, otherwise it may happen to be completely withdrawn into himself. If your partner was born under the sign of Virgo, encourage them to enjoy their own body, to you both enjoy sex.

Libra atmosphere is extremely important. An intense emotional charge makes them anxious, and then forget about good sex. If you are in a relationship with a Libra, tune in or do not go to extremes, making sure that the bedroom there is harmony and Libra will not resist.

Scorpio will never let sex take the rut, so if you are in relation to a person born under this sign you do not have too much to bother. Scorpio has enough sexual energy for both.

Sagittarius enjoys laughter, and that a person born under this sign was pleased Sex should be a source of joy and laughter for both. For them are good surprises basis of sex, but also enjoy the visual stimulation. So, if your partner Sagittarius, let your sexy underwear is always at hand ..

Capricorn easily becomes preoccupied with work, and practical issues, so that the members of this sign is sometimes difficult to “turn off” in order to fully enjoy sex. To abandon a person born under the sign of Capricorn must gradually wakes up your body before it reaches the mood that guarantee good sex.

Aquarius easy to make a decision to extend further. In order to survive the connection, required extra effort. Aquarians are in theory glossy lovers, but it is necessary to demonstrate a willingness to push the boundaries and take a step beyond what they are already well known that sex would not be monotonous.

Pisces is necessary atmosphere that exudes seductive, otherwise nothing of sex. Sometimes it’s a good introduction to dinner with candles, the music they love, but sometimes it’s enough to partner born under this sign are watching as if you can not live without it. In any case, keep in mind that Pisces mood slowly grow until they are in the mood for sex.