Beware of all his faults: Aries does not control anger, Scales manipulators, a jealous Scorpio abnormal

Disadvantages zodiac signs are often ignored. And it is one that can help indicate whether your beloved now unbearable, or so he installed the stars at birth.

These are their weaknesses, and you judge whether you can use them “digest”.

1) has the most explosive temperament Aries in the Zodiac and difficult to control anger.
2) often behave immature.
3) Easy to excite when starting something new, but quickly lose interest.
4) hard are impatient – they always want everything immediately.
5) egoistic and do not know how to place themselves in someone else’s skin.

1) In discussions with them, do not expect to win, because they are stubborn. Do not give in if they are not right.
2) They are very lazy when it comes to responsibilities at home.
3) Their wishes and needs are always their top priority.
4) They can be much more boring.
5) It is difficult to open and rarely talk about their feelings.

1) You can not rely on them – they are very unreliable.
2) Every day you need to analyze how the mood to know how to set.
3) charms the beautiful words, but seldom fulfill the promise.
4) Fast im tired of everything, so you can often feel superfluous.
5) I do not end until the end.

1) Their moods were unbearable.
2) They are able to say harsh words and tough to avoid blame.
3) They can become dependent on you, and you will feel like a prisoner.
4) Quickly want a serious relationship, marriage and family, and even they are not sure whether they are ready for it.
5) Your life with them can be monotonous and predictable – rarely agree on something new.


1) You will rarely feel safe with them, because they love to flirt wherever they can.
2) You will always have the feeling that you do not like how much you like them and to constantly compete.
3) rarely admit that they are wrong, and if recognized, they themselves do not believe in it.
4) They can be arrogant and tactless.
5) Since they have to be the center of attention, you’ll feel like you’re in their shadow.

1) exaggerates in analyzing and condemning other people’s behavior.
2) Always from the second expected to be initiated.
3) He likes to sulk after an argument behaves like a child.
4) They are often insecure and expect you to give them security, even if the root of their uncertainty is not in you.
5) If you do not live by their rules, pridikovaće you every day.

1) Scales well know what they want to hear, but it often happens that you do not speak the truth.
2) They love to play games, to punish and reward, and to manipulate your partner.
3) I can easily turn against you if you hurt them.
4) They are often vain and burdened appearance and expect you to look your best.
5) They are not persistent and persevering. I often complain and difficult to listen to.

1) Incredibly jealous and whenever you talk with someone of the opposite sex look at you askance.
2) they often will not know how you feel, because know how to manipulate your feelings.
3) They are able to ignore you completely and you suddenly leave and go out of your life.
4) They have a lot of secrets.
5) And some discussion with them often erupt in a big fight.

1) shooters like to talk, but they can not hear.
2) They expect others to animate, and if you do not entertain, they wail.
3) Sagittarius thinks he knows everything best and does not want to accept the new informcaije.
4) He can be direct and insensitive.
5) He likes to be dominant in a relationship.

1) Their job is always in front of the partners.
2) They like everything to be under their control.
3) often can not relax and be spontaneous, which is why your relationship can become dull.
4) Analyzes and remembers your every mistake and nothing is forgotten.
5) In their attitude you can not influence – so all you have to adjust.

1) Aquarius live in the imagination, but often seem distant and far away.
2) They love to teach, because they always know best.
3) You will meet many of his friends who will often be there, but you feel as if you are not sufficient.
4) Although the claim to be liberal with their rigid principles condemns all who are not like them.
5) Always know what you think, but rarely what they feel.


1) Often you need several times that they repeat the same thing.
2) It is difficult to encourage to start something and not finish it within a certain period.
3) Often the work that you do not fit into their lives, they will constantly make new plans for the future.
4) They sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, so you constantly have the feeling that you have to worry about them.
5) idolized all your relationships with people and you have a thousand expectations.