Beware of them: These are the biggest enemies of your zodiac sign

It is known that some zodiac signs not stand each other – but you know what personality type fits your sign at least?

The main enemy: bored people
Since you are very energetic and always ready for action and a good mood, you just can not stand people who are destroying all of his bad mood. Lethargy you simply crazy.

The main enemy: Workaholics
The bulls are responsible to them, you can always rely on, but also feel the need to connect with something spiritual or meaningful. Therefore, try not to be too serious, but they do not suit people who present themselves as a very important and serious person.

The main enemy: Artists
Twins are often prone to changing moods and black stages, so not like that in an environment with “emo” people who engage in a depressive state. The twins are struggling with their changes rapsoloženja, like to be happy and so do not want to be surrounded by people who draw them in another direction (for example, fish).

The main enemy mysterious people
Emotional Shrimps do not fit well with the mysterious “darker” and mysterious persona, and there usually additive Scorpio. Cancer would prefer tucked and stayed at home, so why not agree well with the people who love to igrajuigru hot and cold, and that let you never clear where you stand.

The main enemy: People who want attention
Leo is confident and likes to always be the center of attention. As such, organic does not tolerate other people who are full of confidence and eager for attention. So, Leo agrees with the worst single Leo! There smao a reflector and it must always be focused on you!

The main enemy of neurotics
As hyper-organized, uber-meticulous Virgo, it can not just put up with another super-organized person. Someone alike naurotičan like you just reminds you of how you actually behave, and you are not responsible.

The main enemy: “Bosses”
Libra Scale is always – always looking for a calm, balance and your “zen” peace. Therefore, can not stand people who like to bossy, always be the main usvakoj group of friends and have the main word (such as Taurus). Also, hate people who can not admit they are wrong.

The main enemy: Dreamers
You are a complex, somewhat dramatic and mystical, and therefore you to the edge of the nerves leading people all day long dream of unreal things (like Aquarius). They see this as a silly, shallow fools with whom would rather not share air.

The main enemy Fans of Serbia
Sagittarius is lively and always hungry for new iskustvara, getting to know new countries and travel. As such, he can not understand people who are quite happy with what they have here and have no desire to see what’s there, over. These are CESTOR Crabs, but these two characters do not really agree. Sagittarius wants to go everywhere and see everything!

The main enemy: Undecided people
Capricorn is very simple – on the world seen from one point of view, and do not even think about how to change it. He is a responsible and serious about everything he does – so it is not clear irresponsible people, that way they can change attitude or opinion about something overnight.

The main enemy: Traditionalists
Innovative, unconventional Aquarius does not like any kind of molds, frames or rules. Therefore, it is especially irritating to people who hold tradition and zastrarelih rules at work, at college, at school or at home. Aquarius does not itself invent rules, but would not abolish them completely!

The main enemy is: rogue
Fish are sensitive, sensitive, introverted and not very communicative at first. Therefore, they are particularly annoying extremely communicative, loud “clowns” that in any gathering must be in charge. Let me guess – you annoyed Sagittarius?