BIGGEST crank sign: You will think that you are “stabbed premium” and he will break your heart

These are the male representatives of Gemini!

Their performance is always friendly, witty and charming are, and you seem to be able to spend hours chatting with them. Precisely these are their main assets in seduction, but hardly anyone can resist them.

The twins just have tremendous charisma and i surely know how to use it! Zavesca your kind words, compliments and gifts and will do to you that you are with the members of this sign “stabbed premium”.

However, the main drawback of the Twins is their superficiality. Why not enter into something so deep as the emotional ties, when they can “fly from flower to flower,” as if nothing touches?

They’ll be great lovers and the perfect partners … for a while. When you get enough, when passion and love go, Gemini is likely to go further … in search of new “flower”.