BIK: Delicate throat -Health status zodiac signs

National Central Taurus is the sign of a lush spring, therefore, a symbol of fertility, growth and progress. It is extremely hardy and tenacious, though seems sluggish and slow. It has huge reserves of energy, but sometimes lazy and motionless, ready only to the pleasures of food, beverages and complexion. Therefore, it is prone to health problems associated with exaggeration of eating and drinking. When the human body belongs to him, the area between the head and the shoulder – neck, throat, tonsils, thyroid, ovaries (fertility), mouth and oral cavity (voice, feeding).
Under its jurisdiction secretion and action of a hormone (growth, menstruation, puberty changes), sleep and overall metabolism. Most often suffer from metabolic disorders, diseases of the throat or fluid loss, and can have problems with the ovaries and thyroid gland. It is important to eat healthy and moderately, to exercise regularly. It helps him stay in the countryside, aromatherapy and herbal teas. Instead of lying should relax a light exercise, yoga or meditation in a room where inhaled essential oil of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. A deciding whether a massage, let it be strong and somewhat painful.
Exercise: Aerobic and boating
For dangerous innate laziness and sluggishness Bulls should promptly respond to increased mobility. Aerobics is for women without further ideal solution because they will it, in addition to removing the resentment and negative energy, help you lose a large amount of calories that are bulls traditional enemy. Even when you are out of shape, or feel that they exercise too difficult, in any case should not be allowed to stop, but go in fast walking, breathing in the air of their lungs. For men, the ideal sport of rowing because they can move – sitting!