BIK-Fixed stars in the zodiac sign

Mirrach which is already at 0 degree BIKA nature of Venus brings success and happiness is often irresistible. It is interesting that here Hitler was the sun. In Taurus, and MIRA CETI are at 1 level nature of Saturn, which mainly means a failure life. Sharatan at 3 level nature Mars – Saturn, points out that many things in life like under duress, problems with the head, and the powerful sex drive. Milos Obrenovic was here a conjunction of Venus – Mars. HAMAL at 7 degrees, also, the nature of Mars – Saturn, carries dangers, it is interesting that many suffered from natural disasters, and carries problems in relationships in terms of scandal and highlights the cruelty. Saddam Hussein had here the sun and Jupiter Bruce Lee. Shedir also at the level of 7 Nature Venus – Saturn, carries problems with children, and problems with eyes and sight. ALAMAK to 13 degrees, Double Star Nature Mars – Venus, brings financial and material wealth and success in music and commerce, and Chatter, also at 13 degrees, if the sun and the northern declination, brings failure. MENRAK and stellar swarm KAPULUS to 23 degrees, it is fatal in politics. ALGOL 25 degree nature of Saturn – Uranus – Mars, it adversely affects always brings risks and disasters, as well as the tendency adventures and unscrupulousness, and a tendency to alcoholism and suicide. This star is a orb 5 degrees, and applying and separating. It must be mentioned that Saturn and Uranus in 1940 and 1941 were in conjunction with this star, but the consequences we all know. Mussolini had his circle of happiness. It works on the brain and, if it is in conjunction with poor planet, brings a very destructive character. But with both good and bad planets that fixed stars always gives something extraordinary. They had him pronounced, a good, say Tesla, then Shakespeare and Lenin that had Jupiter. Unfair it might be called ‘leaders of the demons’ Given that in Egyptian mythology ALGOL razvedritelja represents God and the one who comes after fog. In the constellation of Taurus and ALCYONE at 29 degrees, and a well-known group of Pleiades, which is the star the brightest object nature of Mars – the Moon. Is beneficial to a certain point, but almost always deserved pad, loss or starvation, and loss of acquired power. Jacques Cousteau was here a Mercury, and his son was killed by strangulation.