BIK-Horoscope and marriage … Meet Married qualities of your partner …. (ASTRO)

BIK – wife
The wife of Taurus is one of the most dedicated and the most responsible husband in the Zodiac. She never first raise the issue of divorce and would rather his teeth to survive a crisis, but it will allow the world that once created collapsed. Extremely loves family life and their home is very nicely edited. She devoted mother and loving wife, which is satisfied with her husband’s attention. They look mild, reserved and act friendly, but beneath that mask, they can be possessive and jealous, and women Rams, and materialistic. The difference between men and women Rams Running of the Bulls is that jealousy is first focused on the field of love, jealousy and the other directed to plan the acquisition of material goods. She will never ask about her husband’s fidelity, because for her it just kind of goes without saying.
It is very affective and demonstrative person, complete with his home and family in which all serves and what is the meaning of your life. Her husband used to so enjoy every moment in life. It is very dependent on her husband and herself alone can only help if necessary. The commitment of this type of women can best be seen if with her a successful man, the type of husband who is an important and valued in their work, first of all, and that she can provide a comfortable and luxurious life, rich and peaceful home where they will be able to demonstrate all your social charm.

BIK – wife
As a husband, Taurus has the best features of all the Zodiac. There are some descriptions of Taurus as immoral may, however, this can be true only if one takes into account his strong need to meet their intense physical life. She is gentle, compassionate and faithful. Will never neglect your home and family for any other interests.
This guy loves his wife and children and are working very hard to provide them with the best living conditions, education, clothing and entertainment offered by the world. This type of man usually marries a girl who is a better material and social status of it, because it is guided by an ambition to succeed and to move into higher social circles. Venus gives a remarkable sense of beauty, which contributes to Taurus always push for a nice and pretty wife. They love that others depend on them and they like to feel that they themselves provide all women and children. Once married, it is difficult to divorce.