BIK – Love profile (Astra)

People born under the sign of Taurus is more easily recognized at first, or “snapshot” view. Compared to other members of the zodiac Taurus are distinguished or recognized, by its seductive and a little cudljivoj prirodi.Dakle, they stand out for their behavior or temperament, and in particular, on the basis of their physical appearance.

Bulls look very pleasant, friendly and appealing to the wider environment. Then, the Bulls have a sense of good taste and emphasized the need for enjoyment or for conformism.

These are people who “categorically held to his principles,” and they do often lead to a variety of pleasure whether it is about a sensual, aesthetic or material reinforcers.

Basically people in Taurus own sensual nature, which has large appetites in all that nurtures their senses or emotions. However, at the same time it should be noted that the bulls by their nature, very susceptible to the material realm – their aspirations are a combination of hedonistic needs and komformistickog pleasure. In order for a typical Taurus came to his emotional satisfaction or to the summit, it is necessary to feel the financial security in pleasant, beautiful and comfortable environment. Because Taurus is conformist who can enjoy to the fullest, and therefore carefully preserved their “little-great empire.”

It is known that their loyalty to tradition and family life and in particular, the commitment to love your partner are great virtues. However, we should not forget that the Taurus practitioners – firmly and with both feet standing on the podium signurnom. It is also important that the base must be rather expensive, because if the Taurus surrounded by splendor and luxury and if you enjoy the luxury – there is a good precondition for love prosperity.

Then, the first impression of them can be very deceptive – because apparently it seems that their romanticism, sensitivity and outbursts of emotion controlled and properly dosed. However, we should not deceive ourselves and forget the rule that Taurus ‘allegedly’ everything under his control, and at one point not lost his control and then to the surface of his energy Oran, destructive trait or her destructive power. It is fortunate that such situations do not happen often, as well as hundreds of relatively fleeting.

After all, the Bulls have the inert nature and have emphasized the need to others like them, so they do not take the initiative but represent themselves and show in the best light. The conclusion is that people in Taurus consciously or unconsciously expect from their environment different signals, messages, courtship or initiative. They really know how to enjoy all that is beautiful and therefore all their senses are highly expressed and affinity, level of interest and appetites are sometimes incontinent.

There’s a great anecdote in mind the comments that a good way of illustrating their psychological profile and character, then their style of expression, the mood and behavior – man (Capricorn) explains to a friend the main reason for his recent love the wreck: “You know, as soon as I realized that she is thinking about another man, that was the end of everything. In fact, just that she thought to fool me, it would be a “massacre,” and yet to me he really cheated – then it would be the “end of the world”, at least for her! ”

So important traits that reflect their psychological profile are emphasized emotion, but also jealousy and possessiveness that is always expressed – when someone or something “belonging”. If this is a typical representative of this sign, you should be perfectly clear that at no tolerance Bulls on the topic of flirting or emotional, and sexual freedom. So do not be “playing with fire” and refrain from doing something that will be prohibited even in the mind!