Bik-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: This month is special for you. The first reason why you eat is an important new project that is only now opened a possibility of good business, especially for the future. Your ruler Venus already entered the sign of Cancer, however, that feels pretty good. You can make good cooperation with women, especially from Eastern Europe, which are strong, capable and have developed business. Make sure the second half of the month, not only because of Mercury’s retro but because your Venus that makes bad aspect with Jupiter and thus you can have a problem with money, law or communications.

LOVE: You’ll have good communication with your partner. There will be exchange of kind words, thoughts, gifts, flowers … You’re lucky when the harmony in the home. Sloodne Bull expects great passion and excitement. Emotionally you may be torn between two links that are relevant to you. You will be able to select the right partner because you feel that you love each in their own way. You might want to seek advice from someone who is more experienced than you in such relationships.

HEALTH: You need to take care of the nervous system, fatigue, you tend to overuse the work, therefore you have this problem to the health of even the immune system. Break you need.