Bik-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


Venus, your ruling planet transiting the sign of Leo making a number of aspects in an unexpected way affect your career. The circumstances related to your business situation is constantly changing and at the same time bring many opportunities for change. Some will even be related to the change of residence. However, no matter what, until August 5, should not you make a final decision, because only then joining Venus in the sign of Virgo, select what you can take and bring good results. Ultimately, unless there is a change of job, it is possible to transform the work within the project that is currently practiced. If such changes also should not heal and make important decisions by that date in order not to complicate the situation yourself. Unemployed members have a chance to sign with assistance start a private business. If this occurs, caution should be exercised when making calculations, because aspects of Venus indicate the possibility of hidden costs.


Until August 2, Mars field highlights the partnership, as each situation seems more complicated. Voltage you already feel will be enhanced and will have a major impact on your emotional life. Only after that date, things are slowly brought into line, or new aspects continue to have a positive effect on your rebellious nature, but be careful how you treat your partner and how he treats you, or how to set up in unusual situations when it is necessary mutual support. Measure call quality compared to how much support each other and how much you are prepared to make various concessions. If the differences are insurmountable among you, consider whether it makes sense to invest in something that in the long run there is no perspective. Free members sign a mixture of new opportunities for love. Just make sure not to fall in love with someone who is already busy.


Take care of extremity injuries, entrapment of the spine, joints injuries or chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system.