Bik-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: A fruitful period for the Bulls. Now is the time to make, easier than it was during the summer and autumn. You need to invest well you would have returned many times. Even though you are capable of doing everything yourself, you must find help, as long as you do not have trust in co-workers, they must exist in your business world. Because Mercury retro pay you late. It is important not to demoralize but to endure this period to 23 December, because then you can have a windfall.

LOVE: Emotionally better period from 9 December, when the planet Mars enters the sign of Scorpio and your seventh house of marriage. Being passion, attraction, excitement. You can repair the relationship with your partner, you better understand whether and restore lost confidence. If you are, then it is for you still period before the New Year was marked as a real good because here you can find someone who suits you. It is a stable person who tends to tradition, family, but also is an independent, workaholic, because he knows that you appreciate and respect. This is a real good period for love in all the earth signs.

HEALTH: December starts the Moon in Taurus, therefore women will have to pay attention to health, especially hormones, reproductive system, and male Bulls may have a problem with the lower part of the spine, back pain, and certainly must be kept cold, colds. Lek you keep warm, hot dishes, but no major calories. Winter’s coming, long and cold, and the pounds come even faster.