Bik-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Immediately in the first days of the month, Venus realizes conjunction with Pluto and square to Uranus. They’re not very good these aspects, mostly because they can indicate something impulsive enter the secret, illegal, prohibited. Adventure smiles and those who are free and those who are busy, and there would have had to be beware. Namely, it is unlikely that your outside activities will not be noticed by the partners, so that some bulls could step into February in one fierce quarrel and problems with a loved one. Well the only partner there is some understanding (or there is not enough evidence that you’ve toyed with his affections) would this situation could go in order to resolve. It will not be easy, but you can solve. The burden that you feel while Venus in Capricorn, will cease in the second half of the month when you move to Aquarius. These are not particularly encouraging aspects to strengthen the love and fellowship, but good communication and passion between you and your partner. If you are free, but you are not really in the mood for adventure and behavior-changing partners, the second part of the month brings more of the right opportunity for you. You will be more social, better mood, you can achieve some interesting contacts through friends or the Internet. Because aspects of Venus and Saturn of Sagittarius, some might be associated with an older person who will properly know how to help underline under the skin. Overall – relationships that begin in this period are predisposed to sustainability and will indicate the seriousness of the emotional connection that you are entering.


A good business period ahead. This does not mean that you will all magically open, or the opportunity to go in your favor, offering fixing the status quo or change, if it is necessary. The first part of the month is excellent for those bulls that are practical, rational, persistent. Going a little slower than you had planned, or are the things you say are strong and stable. You can connect with strong people who will contribute to the improvement of your position. The second part of the month was full of events. Creative, innovative spirit awakens in you, do not run away from change, nothing more – to stream them to meet. It is an excellent period for team work or to take part in some larger organizations, even those engaged in politics. It is now possible to move forward, climb one step higher, so expect improvements or financial satisfaction for the work from the previous period. With bosses and authorities will have a great relationship, there is a mutual respect and a willingness to listen to your ideas and implement. The second part of February I will bring you the necessary financial stability.


The first part of the month brings increased stress and frustration. Then you can have problems with inactivity, packing on the pounds, but can be a problem with a spine and bones. The second part of February is great to take things into their own hands, shape up, throw in the recreation I feel much better.