Bik-monthly horoscope for January 2021st

Love: That is fine as settled your ruler Venus in Sagittarius … not only that Saturn, with whom he is in conjunction, not only with that of Neptune, which is in a square … and not only the rulers fields of love that moves backwards … I just did not … in translation – but just you and is not a fabulous time for love. If you fall in love with someone, you will have the feeling that “this and no other,” and that by the end of life feel enthusiasm and passion for that person. I’m afraid just to give you all that you are so beautiful izmaštali in my head does not collapse like a house of cards immediately during this month. You know what – it ended before it began … I’ll be amorous, you will. That you should be more careful before someone deliver heart without reserve – yes, you should. It will be in January of the current i love the age difference, and falling in love with someone who is not from your place of residence, and the return of former partners who so sweetly bitch on your door again … come on you to try to enjoy all of this, it does not obligate i do not get pregnant are many, but to wait a little more time for love … A near occupied – the same cheerful, nothing. Malo you suspect a partner, a little on suspicion of you plans you can not match, but rarely meet or … or fail to argue about the smallest things. Problems will be reduced as you approach the end of the month. You are in marriages – full moon in the last decade of January in your home field, so nice to be able to release the tension and make a little change the behavior of each other.

Business: Now, when Mars left the field everyday business circumstances and colleagues can be a bit easier to breathe. Some of the tensions calmed down and fell, perhaps due to the festive mood and more relaxed approach to work, you forgot about some major problems and few will work better in January. Already in the first part of the month of bulls can be opened and a chance for negotiations with foreigners, but also for a better relationship with superiors. Some will even get material satisfaction, improvement or praise for our work. While the ruler of the field work goes retrograde, activate about jobs that have run in the past, because now you can finish. Also, count that is now time to discard the remaining paperwork and perhaps correct some mistakes that are made On the New rush and euphoria. The new moon in the field of foreign and expansion promises bulls that especially in this segment run. Feasts are on an official trip abroad. Money changing, but you will not be dissatisfied.

Health: In January you enter quite exhausted and squeezed energy, so it is possible that especially in the first part of the month, you feel a lack of energy and loss of immunity. In addition to seasonal viruses and ease of catching cold, and the bulls are advised to check the blood count, a female part of the population could have done a more thorough gynecological examination, with particular emphasis on hormonal status.