Bik-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Prolonged emotional ties and marital relations more sloppy work, but the events in March will not just go to hand. If you expect that it will eventually resolve things on their own, I think it will be quite a long wait. As much as I occasionally was hard or static relationship with your partner, it’s time to solve some situations it is right now. It does not work you do not have to hand it to the sexual element between the two of you work quite variable, time will have fiery moments, turning the time back to each other in bed. At the moment, I am a good and open discussion are needed and gentleness, and patience, and that you two she moves out of some of the box behavior. Take a trip together, socialize more with mutual friends that you bring positive energy, get out more often. Not in this way will not be easy, but you can do a lot for your connection. If you are free, I’m not sure this is the right month to date someone your heart. In fact, your need for love is enormous, and your eyes on the rose-colored glasses, but has all the experience deeper, more intense …. and of course, a bit unrealistic. Someone can rise in their eyes, and think that was born only to be your other half … Do not be disappointed if in the last decade of the month you realize that this is not just your view. The other side of you, quite possibly, was just something temporary, casual, sexual. Try to realistically perceive the people around you ….


The first decade of the month to which the business segment, the best thing was to sleep. Nothing, but absolutely nothing will not work properly. Arrangements will shoot, the tension between you and your business associates will be freely palpable in the air, but you may also have to pay for some complaint or delay (or goods will be returned and you will be in minus). The second and third decade of March have already been a lot better for you, although it will continue to be routed occasional tensions with the people of which business depends. But with this you will be able to fight, especially when some new arrangements start with the implementation, however, and you have a little “pick”. As far as the financial segment, there is a row of losses, the red earnings. The situation will be quite variable, and you want more to stabilize as soon as possible and this speed you can get into a risky and unprofitable investment. The last decade is riddled with opportunities that only those who are very capable and know how to calculate leverage.


Health segment is quite good during this month. You can get control of a chronic illness or find adequate methods of treatment. However, you will often in this period will be discouraged, static, even prone to falling into a depression. We all know that the cure for this is primarily a good company around you, recreation and stay in the fresh air.