Bik-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: An interesting period for the Bulls, especially dynamic, a lot of work and travel will mark this November. Do not be surprised if you need to migrate your old office from the first floor to the second, it will fall harder than to refer to some distant destination. You need the recognition, you are ready to do everything to ensure you have a reward or become a team leader. You may need to do some work humatinarni, bringing together a large group of people around him. Money comes to you suddenly, and you will have to manage well to invest in the right things, values ​​that can bring profit. Bulls in retail have time in the period from 10 to 16 November and can profit. If you are doing work related to the law, the courts, real estate, expect the resolution of some long-term situation. At the end of the month you can expect the purchase of a house or apartment.

LOVE: By the tenth day of the month can be empty without love or lonely. The feeling of loneliness is not you away, but you’re a weird guy, looking for sometimes too. You need to sort out emotions, especially the middle of the month, because there is a bad aspect that can lead to an argument with a partner with whom i have not actually started anything. Stabilize rage and anger in yourself because you are prone to sudden outbursts. Although it may look like an adventure that follows is irrelevant to your emotional life, at the end of the month it can develop in unexpected true love. Taurus married needs to improve the relationship with the partner, at least in communication.

HEALTH: You tend to injuries. You may need to correct something in the house or do business with the machines. Make sure that you do not trip and fall, injury. If you are the type of office, then turn boosting immunity, because you are prone to infections, especially throat, lungs or ears that can be very painful.