Bik-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Free bulls in the first ten days of November are very topical falling in love over the operating segment. Someone in your immediate vicinity can charm you with its intensity, its at the same time careful behavior towards you, his eyes mischievously mixture … .and it’s no wonder that you in no time “trap”. As the field of passion heavily emphasized throughout this period, we can only tell you to indulge and forget everything else. Even if nothing happens in the first decade, the second decade of November will shake and shake out shoes. Whatever turn – you can not get lot! This is the month of love and intensity for you! In emotional relationships and marriages throughout the period you and partner mainly work in fair and respectful manner. Some of you will awaken long-buried passion I once again fall in love with the person next to which are already long. What you do not go in your favor during this month is the open, and this is a great opportunity to enter a parallel relationship. It is possible that you slack that exists in the current route, this stillness and that nothing special is going on and “open the door” to joining the casual, but very passionate and intense contact. Most of you in this type of adventure open chances for the business segment, as well as through contacts with friends or through social networks.


This month I will not be one of those that you will remember for success or peaceful events. You might have during the first decade of the “quiet life” and a stable operation, but in principle – another two decades in particular have you I do not favor. It will turn out that you will not bother you so much that sometimes “lose your head” or be completely overwhelmed with (you imposed on others or you yourself), and the results will be – pretty average. With others will be quite difficult to fit I will occasionally appear that even longtime associates somehow not on your side. Some might lose some jobs or projects because the competition is offering better terms, or in some way interfered … Some of you will get the desire to make a major shift in business or to cease existing cooperation, but it will now definitely not Recommended. Finance will start to improve only during the third decade of November.


Health segment short – not exactly the best. You will often be “fully fit” on the border to catch a cold, sick. You dress appropriately weather, be aware of your immunity. For older members sign the current problems with the spine, head, pressure.