Bik-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: This is definitely an essential and important month for bulls and for your opposing sign of Scorpio as you celebrate the entry of Jupiter in Capricorn. For you it is an important period of October 8, because you will be able to change their system of work and you will have the opportunity to do something special ,, ,,. It is especially important for those bulls have the opportunity to start a new major projects. Everything you’ve worked in the distant near future will concern large companies, people who are at the top of the state foreign partners.

LOVE: The second half of the month is something that gives you a great chance to shine in this field. If you’ve been lonely for a long time, now is your chance to go back and start a relationship with someone who is very stable and successful. If you are married, you expect better cooperation with the spouse, understanding at first, but after that and renewed passion.

HEALTH: Taurus likes to relax, leškari, doing nothing around the house, but it’s all bad for health and a general condition of this sign. Therefore, you have to deal with this month physical activity, because it goes winter that is not your friend. More movement, aerobics, running the bar were lek.