Bik-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


Free Taurus this month, offers sweet promises fun and entertainment, but if you want to settle down and commit to just one person, we’ll see about that. In any case in October to enter like, “Take everything out of life,” I will use to the maximum that you are popular in society and it easily catches the eye of the opposite sex. From the second part of the month there is a greater chance that someone capture the heart, and most pronounced in the past week while the ruler of your field of love Merkur, is transiting through the sign of Scorpio, when you find it difficult to control the passions, or when there is a possibility that someone literally “off his shoes from shoes “with their appearance and courtship. If you are in a relationship or marriage, are really good qualities to the loved one get a much stronger connection than before. While all circumstances on your side, and while the partner tries to please, the only “problem” than might be – just you. Specifically, you will occasionally difficult to control his possessiveness or jealousy of the person you love. All this is fine as long as it is in small amounts, but certainly you should not overdo it. Loved one will be very correct, but you should do your best to get you so I set to it. Some of you may even want a little bit of flirting in the last decade of the month – what can start as a game can bring problems later. Be accountable to a relationship where you are.


Great box set of business circumstances and everyday Jupiter transiting the Sun and Mercury will be here until the last decade of the month will bring the bulls just what they need – a period filled with work activities with great chances for stabilization. You will not only strengthen their positions, but I’ll have a big opportunity to expand their business including new associates and business partners in what you are doing. Mercury, which rules your work, but I finances, will quickly move through the sign of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, giving you a great opportunity to make substantial co-operation, but I run the arrangements. If you are unemployed – dive into a quest, because it will be more than successful. Mars, which is your associates will be in Capricorn and in the aspects of support, it just shows that you can expect a lot of help from others. In the financial segment – remedy the situation, progress.


The planet Jupiter is in your field of health, which is generally very positive because it gives you great protection, but that does not mean you should lightly to treat yourself. Change your eating habits. By the end of the second decade of the month often control the urogenital tract and kidneys.