Bik-monthly horoscope for September 2020.

JOB: You are aware of the situation you are in, you are aware that you do the job you have in mind is not so much in favor or not someone who gives up. On the contrary, pushing both themselves and others in a more and more engaging. You have to wait until the 10th of September because it will then enter into its Mercury constellation Virgo and your fifth house of creativity, so it’s easier to come to work, clients, signing big contracts and earn big money. Some of you may have good business deals with European countries closer and to help develop a new network of associates. This month is a milestone in your life.

LOVE: A good month for the love of all the members of this constellation. Sow and act in the opposite sex like magic. Attract attention. Interesting you not only in appearance but also by their charisma. Inspire the partner in all possible ways. Finally, exercise their rights and the normal relationship that you waited so long. If you are married, you need to take care of your partner. It is often emotionally unstable, asking for help from you. You have to stabilize because it’s simple – you do not know.

HEALTH: Pay attention primarily on the digestive tract, which can be particularly sensitive in this period. Frequent nervousness during August, you caused harm to the stomach. Think positively.