Bik-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


Solar eclipse in your field of love at the beginning of the month available to Bull during the first half of September, largely slow down and freeze when emotions are concerned. Not only will you be ready for a commission events and winning, but you can fully retire and devote some other priorities. However, some of you, because of the retrograde motion of Mercury, which rules your field of love, can go to review their emotional past, look for errors and omissions, and even I turn to rebuilding relationships with some of the former partners. Your efforts to restart a story will prove a greater extent as unsuccessful because the only thing you will be able to enjoy eating at that meeting or possibly a reminder of the old passion. Only the second part of September open real opportunities that can go through the business segment, but I over dates, friends, social networks. It is possible that during this period more opportunities open up, and you’ll have to carefully choose on which side will focus their hopes. Those in emotional relationships and marriages can be in the first part of September, have a short conflict with a loved one. There are situations that you and your partner have to resolve I will probably emerge on the surface of some things that I have ever pushed under the carpet. However, the second part of the month will bring you the necessary stability and peace.


Although you will personally be largely willing to devote to the business segment, I get him, the first half of the month is quite unfavorable for you. You will hardly run what you have planned, and there will be a problem in arrangements and communication with relevant associates and business partners. It is possible that in some all this reflected the major changes that are not counted or whose scope is shown as oversized. It’s complicated to fit in and there will be tension, which will be reflected and the poor relationship with colleagues. However, by the end of the first decade of the month, Jupiter enters your field of business conditions, everyday life and obligations and you can safely count on you his influence in the rest period will bring support and stabilize you. From that moment moving solid time and for those just looking for a job. The second part of the month brings more opportunities for solid cooperation for major shifts in business and for more financial inflows. This is the perfect weather and the stronger turning to foreign companies and foreign general.


The first decade of the month may bring more problems for those who already have problems related to digestion and stomach part. The entry of Jupiter in your field of health at the end of the first decade brings opportunities for easier recovery, but I generally in bulls increases vitality and energy.