Bik-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


Dear Bulls, despite the relatively complicated picture this month, you will not be able to say that you are in an emotional segment dissatisfied. The transits of the Sun, Venus and even Mercury retrograde through your character completely suit you, bring you more energy, communication, and definitely will in the eyes of the opposite sex to look more beautiful and seductive. Jupiter in your field of love moving direct stroke at the end of the first decade of this month, and creates opportunities for new stories and new love. By the end of the first half of the month, you might still have in mind a former partner emotionally, but to the events that are in front of you quickly delete these pictures. Enjoy this month because you can finally bring it to what is already a fairly long wait – a new love and stability, satisfaction in it. If you are in a relationship or marriage relationship, it is possible that you will find more “pull” and emphasize the events and communication, meetings with partners. Just this communication can sometimes be a problem (do not forget – Mercury is retrograde!), So you are advised to approach with a lot of tolerance compared with a loved one. Or wish for changing the definition of the connection, and in some form, and dissatisfaction with the speed of events, it will be particularly pronounced in the third week of May, when the greatest potential for occasional turbulences.


May is always your month, and it will now be significantly, even in the business segment. The sky in this period is very sympathetic to you and in front of the bulls is the time when you can own work, perseverance and persistence to reach really good results. The truth is that the ruler of the field work and money, Mercury goes retrograde stroke, but his position now only give strength to your efforts. The progress is slow but steady, and the result is always the most important, is not it? The thing you have to pay attention to is personal commitment, as will the good aspects that you support a little “lull” but can occur laziness and “Easy” thing. Do not allow to miss some good opportunities for advancement. The third decade will bring a much more active involvement in the business segment, but it is time for some friction in komunikacji associates. Keep in mind that a compromise variant is now the best solution.


Health segment during the month of May pretty good. The thing you have to pay attention to the diet because I’m able to overweight, there may be problems with abdominal work, but also the liver and gallbladder. Also, you need to be more on the move, recreation, walking …..