BIK PARENT-What you are as a parent and how to behave towards their children?

Taurus is the primary sense of satisfaction, so patient and gentle parents. Even if you were born in the modest living conditions are ready to fight for the security and great respect. Educate their children for the great efforts in practical terms, encourages them to perseverance and determination to live comfortably. Bulls love the art, but will certainly nurture this trait with their children. Mother Taurus is very emotionally committed to the children and will never regret the murder. Regardless of the age of their children, I’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing dishes that her children love most, and it is always ready for a warm hug. Father Taurus may seem disinterested or, if you bring a life into a difficult situation, ready for any risks. Replace the mother in everything from warm words to the warm evenings.