Bik-What are the zodiac signs in love, and whether they like them ?! (ASTRO)

MAN: He focused on two things: financial security and sex. His desire is that at least once in their life to be faithful. The problem is that he seeks perfection and an old-fashioned charm of a woman who excites him. Until I found “the right one” will go through a lot of romantic relationships. It’s very romantic, earthy and knows what he wants. He needs constant expression of their needs. It is a great worker, determined and ready to provide security for himself and his better half. He has a very developed sense of hearing and touch which is used in a sexual relationship. Persistence managed to solve many things.

WOMAN: She has exceptional emotional self-control. Her composure and determination helped her to manage in all situations. Never, do not press and make something that does not want to. When angry or it will try to hide or they will simply leave. She cares about financial security. Usually loves to cook and enjoys preparing surprises his partner. She loves flowers and fine jewelry. If you are inventive, this woman will just walk away from you because it suffocating monotony and uniformity.