Bika comfort in the home fragrance and dark chambers of Scorpio

Everyone takes care of the interior of the home. Some more, some less. The tendency towards the improvement of living space, as well as the manner of hospitality vary depending in which zodiac sign they were born.

There are some typical rules by which we can almost certainly recognize in whose home is found.
If you go to visit Libra, it will be expected that, at the very least, show up with flowers and chocolates.

Already the door you will feel slatktog freshener smell, but you will be very comfortable, unless you have a problem with a headache. Libra kind will serve the most delicious cakes you’ve ever tasted.
In her home prevail pastel colors, which largely dominated by blue hue. Luxury details are unavoidable, but it can also come across painted old grandmother’s cupboard. On the bed will certainly find decorative pillows of all shapes and colors.

Unlike Libra, Capricorn in the house, we find old items dating from the of previous centuries. On its territory when-when you feel like you’re visiting an antique shop or office without some kind of combination of colors and shades.
Where you will surely feel the warmth and homey be hosted at the Taurus and Cancer. These two characters are fighting for first place in the top tier najgostoprimljivijih signs of the zodiac. Raku is a favorite place for kitchen and will welcome you with a rich selection of a wide variety of local dishes. All this will be neatly decorated in a round dining table.

Taurus, as a great hedonist accomodated you in their carefully chosen an expensive chair in the library where most of the furniture wood. Be sure to choose the best wine from the cellar collection while you good warm fire in the fireplace. No, it’s not everyone is welcome.
When Scorpio for the first time, and your pupils do not adapt to the dim reddish light, uživćete the scent of Indian incense sticks and scented candles. On a leather set, you will feel like the kind of reiki sessions.
The complete opposite of this, is if you are a guest of the Virgin. White color will certainly dominate and each thing takes its place in the home, there is no deviation. Architecture precisely set schedule, gives the impression that you are in a sterile isolation. Here you will find dust, never!
And no matter how Didymus, be accountable to neatness, it often does not have time to put things in the closet. Purity is as important as the Virgin, but in his fridge can find, say, a phone bill or maybe even after an item here that should not belong.

Lions impreija is something that you should fascinate, or at least pretend that you are, because you will be proud to carry from room to preostorije nodding his head to confirm everything is so wonderful, with taste and style decorated. You can be a little blinded by the brightness of all the gilding and the creeps.
If you spend any active home socializing, drop by Aries. On a treadmill and bike next to the house in a separate room ćaskaćete of supplements and a healthy diet. Other rooms of his home without too many details.
In Aquarius we find creative chaos. They do not take account of the dedicated parts of the interior. Sami will improvise where they will actually stand within reach of only two known logic. Computers, home theater and other modern technology can be found in the home of members of this sign.

When Fish prevailing cold interior colors and usually their temperature is set to a slightly lower than average. The blinds during the day and figure undefined form characterized Riba home.
Since the Sagittarius sign that at least staying in your home, with him except a few cobwebs and excess dust will not find any superfluous detail. Often things are packed suitcases at which a visible place, because tomorrow he may plan a new trip.