BLIZANAC, Libra, Aquarius: Who has a problem with mistresses, and who is loyal

Air signs are always in motion and constant change. When we think that we met them, they change. Superficial in emotional terms, but they are great talkers. Freedom of thought and movement is the most important.


The man – are in constant search of excitement, curiosity and actions. A man born in the zodiac sign of Gemini is all this and much more. What is behind this even more? However, some disadvantages, such as excess wife, crush or lover – often are hiding something childish and infantile, and should therefore be attracted to older women with pronounced maternal instinct.

Wife – Is it possible to fall in love with a monster ?! Nonsense, it’s a pretty down to earth occurs. Wife Twin their cynicism and intelligent shocks beats right in the center. In her arms minds be very nice if you manage to wake her physical, psychological and mental quality and connect them into a harmonious whole. You never know what will occur at the meeting: as a sex symbol and seductive goddess of love or a classic student without makeup.


Man – This is the best sign of the zodiac. How to take care of their aesthetic form so it is important and physical appearance, his chosen ones. He is very polite and friendly, is one of the great gentlemen. He can not stand being alone and must always be in an emotional relationship. It has a distinct skolnost toward romance and has a lot of meaningless art.

The woman – she wants to be the center of attention, always desirable and loved. As in the case of men, terrified of her loneliness. More specifically, she does not know how to be alone. Cancel is in dealing with the environment. He loves elegance and appreciates the same in others. However, tend to believe whatever they say and in what others believe, nerazmisljajuci the correctness of that.


Man – She likes to be in the company, the price is right friendships, but it tends to break them up in the heat of passion. When someone loves loyal and attentive. It lacks focus, because his things scattered everywhere. Not attracted by traditional forms of bonding and makes decisions on marriage. He was cherished freedom in the world.

The woman – she has a constant need for transformation. As with the male members of this sign does not bind easily and price freedom as their identity. Therefore minds often be long alone. She does not follow fashion and trends, she has her own unique style. Her partner has to be her best friend.