BLIZANAC PARENT-What you are as a parent and how to behave towards their children?

Gemini are intellectual and practical character. Parenting im not living a priority, but are getting on well in that role. Do not hinder their children tolerating them many things. The parents of twins can sometimes behave selfishly in relation to their children in the sense that first meet your needs. Gemini will their children be transferred variety of information, but never know how to show children the love and tenderness. Twin wife sometimes has the innate maternal instinct, emotions are not deep enough or reasonable, so he knows what must be done. Her motherhood in most of the time reduced to long spoken to but the kids love it during puberty because it shows a lot of understanding for everything they are going then. Tata Twin parenthood understood as a joke, but just because their children can be endlessly interesting. They love him because of the ease with which it communicates with them and constantly “trendy” .Blizanci to know what they aspire to.