Bloody Moon Ball – Lunar Eclipse Saturn-house horror

For some reason, warning anything becomes a disaster in itself. People panic takes on unimaginable dimensions, and becomes hell itself. Indeed, we continue to worry about where we’ll end up after this life, and every day we burn the fears and frustrations of what will happen to us. This story reinforce, katastrofizirajuće predictions and apocalyptic end of the world that are driven by lunar eclipses. And yes, it will be tense aspects in the sky, but throughout the year we have difficult aspects, but here we are, alive and well, just a bit more hysterical.

The essence of astrological approach in interpreting a fateful sign where his astrological skills prophesy when someone traps a brick on his head. Although there is some truth in the fact that half of the aid warning, however, with daily predictions have more panic than a sense of peace. Well to start this bloody Moon bal …

Sign Aquarius
Lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Aquarius and by its nature, like every lunar eclipse provokes our unconscious, our fears and discomfort that come to the surface so that you clearly see. However, as the moon itself is fluid and changeable, always raises the question of how we are and whether we are able to control him, namely that you can not control their emotions. On one hand, eating a healthy manifest their emotions, but on the other hand, full and uncontrolled expression can cause more harm than good.

The true extent no, because every man is the measure of ourselves, so that even after so many centuries of mental health continues to seek proper help that at the end we will not accept. Aquarius is fixed air sign, ideas, community and free will, as under the influence of Saturn, weight control and discipline, but in a different way than is the case with Capricorn. Aquarius is a preliminary control freak, needs to what ideas into practice, smtrajući it’s best for other people. The positive side is that it will always consider the interests of other people, the downside is that it is cruel and in fact, often selfish.

Moon in Aquarius
Moon in Aquarius gives tactical people, which is the most vital concern of how to keep control of himself. And it will often hinder them to experience the depth of emotion or it will be a constant in the depth, or will not be at all. During the eclipse we will have aspects of Mars and Uranus which after all astrological items provokes restlessness, nervousness, hysteria, arrogance and a desire for change, especially in people with a pronounced sign of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. But this does not mean that if you’re a Taurus or Libra rising, that should you fall into depression because really, nothing written does not make sense, if you can not view the whole natal chart.

Moon conjunct Mars retrograde becomes energized, especially energy stocks that have already unsuccessfully repeated (because retrograde emphasizes repetition, but also reflect on their own actions), representing a blast first inner discontent because of all the above, then the need for the expression of all that in the physical world. This is the materialization of emotions at all pleasant. Also, the sky is formed and the aspect of the square to the Moon and Uranus, and Mars and Uranus, which provokes rebellion, rapid reaction, sudden events and upheavals that difficult to influence, much less we can control (which will be particularly hard fall Scorpio and Taurus signs that adore the concept of control and certainty).

Are our days numbered to Friday ???
However, all this even though it seems that our days are numbered, we can turn to its advantage. The easiest way is to tell people, observe the reactions, realistically, it is the easiest requirements, but often do not hear it, probably because it sounds too easy for it to be respected. Certainly, in moments of anger should keep a cool head and if possible get out of the situation that it causes, but this is not necessarily all, you can always apply some relaxation techniques, use guided meditation, seek professional help, especially if you have a real and seemingly unsolvable issue.

How to get rid of anger?
Aquarius is a sign of the community, society, and help humanity, not all revolt and rebellion and the fight with windmills, so that one way to meet the needs of the Moon in Aquarius is to help someone to solve a problem, to donate funds, clothes, money to those who need it really necessary. How Aquarius represents a connection of heaven and earth, the Moon in Aquarius can mark not only stay in the countryside, but also to protect and clean the environment or the immediate environment in which we live.

These are some simple methods by which we can get rid of the dust with our chakras, a carefree stay remotely in the lunar apocalyptic storm. Furthermore, there are many acupressure points that solve the problem of anger and rage, with proper stimulation of these points is very easy to solve tensions. The only question is whether we want to do easy and simple solutions? Then, Asmr excellent technique that affects the nervous system and relaxes the whole body, and the texts of the above methods can be found at the following links:

asmr method

Method warming fingers

Saturn holiday horror

As the Moon in Aquarius is concerned, he is under the influence of Saturn in Capricorn, who likes to terrorize and discipline in order to learn something. Saturn subtracted to give, his administration is in proportion to our ability to let what we took. The more we keep the confiscated to get less than Saturn. So even though we get a reward, so we take a disapproval that do not see what we get. It’s easy to say, however, the practice is something else. And everyone lives in their own way …

Interestingly, the moon is under the influence of Saturn and retrograde conjunct Mars retrograde, which foregrounds all we did / planting (if we’re talking about karma) in the previous period. Dissatisfaction with the results of the bunch and easy, there is a need to rise to the surface, but of course, as well as in all other situations we choose how it will manifest. Saturn will make a harmonious aspect with Uranus, this essentially means the storm and the calm after the storm, this is an energy drain, resulting in better insight into yourself and the environment. Saturn brings its sign Mars in exaltation so that although Lunar Eclipse operates turbulent much of it that we will not be able to stand up to her. Moreover, I believe that we will be armed with the knowledge and techniques to deal with it.

This eclipse is also known for the bloody Moon specific color that is the result of planetary motion, symbolically represents the life’s blood, flow and change, while the color red triggers and Mars energy, it would be a good idea not to wear red clothes on the day of the eclipse. The only people who are doing sports or in any way a good channel Martian energy should not have a problem with the color red. All others still need to skip this moment.

All in all, it will be … nothing is essentially not retained, the only man claims the right to capture a moment and hold it in a cage. I guess we age comes wisdom of letting go and not having the energy or will to anyone or anything hold and control.

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