BORN Screwball: The sign of the zodiac is a friend for life, but is prone to jealous scenes

Heart, loyal but inconvenient …

The loyalty of this horoscope sign will you win from the start. Scorpio are just best friends for life. Will never betray your secrets and you will be loyal. They are ideal for all kinds of nonsense, with them you will feel young again, because they are energetic, regardless of age. Prices of everything you do for them and to never forget.

It will give you honest advice – from career to look. With them no topic is not taboo. This sign can tell you all the secrets, and hidden fantasies. Scorpio are willing to talk openly about everything and you will never be judgmental.

However, Scorpio They can be quite tricky when it comes to jealousy. They can make extremely jealous scene. And not only that it is a jealousy that creates an unbearable burning sensation in the stomach, but also included a game of passion and excitement. Jealousy Scorpio sometimes, they recognized it or not, it comes as an aphrodisiac. They are able to make a scene Cocoa Tarantino would not come up in your scenario.

The greatest virtues are their passion in everything they do, resourcefulness, courage and sincere friendship, their weaknesses as pronounced as the virtues, in the form of jealousy, distrust, secrecy and sarcasm.

What are the Scorpio that you know of?