Born under a lucky star: Four zodiac sign that does not remove the smile from his face and all things goes out of hand

The stars are some signs of a special favor, and some are prone to and their happiness we create. These four characters justified to have more luck than others.


This sign knows that good things come to those who, for their choices, so no waiting for happiness than the maximum effort to realize their dreams, which makes it a lot happier than those who do not.


Although it seems that the lions all served on a silver platter, members of this sign do not wait for someone bring luck or blame others if they are not happy – while trying to become.


Virgo is no stranger to failure, but what’s the long term seems happier than most characters is the fact that after each failure to recover quickly and move on with even more enthusiasm.


This character listens to messages sent to him by the universe and is not afraid to follow them. On the other hand, knows very well that a man makes his own luck and if the universe fails, there’s always plan B.