Brawler MY LITTLE: Learn how to win a debate with each zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign of strife in their own way, and with these few tricks from each argument you will emerge victorious.


Aries If you manage to make sure that I came to the conclusion that it is not right, you have a chance to win the argument. Just do not expect to admit that Aries was defeated.


Stubborn and opinionated, bulls are not prone to second thoughts when something is decided. The quarrel with the bull, you can not win if you play on a map of common sense, especially if you show that your argument financially profitable than his.


Twin will easily agree with what they say, but that does not mean you win the argument. The trick is to mislead the Gemini and make sure that it is your opinion of the most popular and the most acceptable in society.


With them is very difficult because they prefer to avoid conflict so easily retreat. Give Raku time to calm down and then tell their arguments.


Flattery is the simplest way to beat the Lava.


Virgo knows very well where you are wrong and do not upset unnecessarily, but if you can explain why your attitude is still better, Virgo will stop fighting.


Scales do not argue – Scales negotiate. In the fight with them will not win, but you will not lose because the scales are always looking for a fair solution for all.


To them it is best to tell the truth, and if they see that you’re fighting in an honorable way, are more prone to loosening.


Each brawl is a new opportunity to learn something Taurus, and if you have good arguments, we will listen.


Capricorn rarely quarrel over trivial things, but if something is important, it is better to have good arguments ready, because if not, soon will stop you seriously.


Playing on emotion in Aquarius does not have much effect because this part are controlled. Aquarians love the things that will be most beneficial for most people, but if you want to win in a fight with them, make sure that your arguments suggest exactly that.


Fish avoid conflict whenever I can, so it’s easy to win. As soon as they feel something is going to disrupt them, retreating and fleeing. Although it is easy to win, think about how this is unfair to them.