Brimming with happiness, joy and exoticism: this zodiac sign ALL DOORS ARE OPEN

For him there are no barriers.

It is a Sagittarius. The planet ruling this sign is Jupiter. Where he finds in our natal chart, here we’re lucky. This sign and ruler of the planet represent power, success, joy, God help at hand. Then when you least expect it, the hand of God came down to us and deliverance came. We call it a miracle, but in religion it is the will of God.

Sagittarius is a sign of happiness, joy, exotic, loves food, drink, travel, music, fights against injustice, government human rights, it is imperative friendship from it all draws. This is the spirit of the young, beautiful aesthetic looks, athletic, loves precious sports but tennis will be one of the most popular. Sagittarius is noble, aristocrat, sometimes rebel, respects tradition, but goes his way. Sagittarius is a priest, astrologer, prophet. Great prizes, medals, Military Merit Administration stemming from a strong Jupiter. To be a champion in the sport or the winner in the war must have a strong Jupiter in the natal chart.

Sagittarius is not an easy character to cooperate, he can be harsh and overbearing. It also punishes, but it is more uncomfortable than totally tragic. Someone who is by nature a hedonist is no greater punishment to be without pleasure and money. Life appetites of the characters are great, but they realize. Typical are the stars of this era of music legends like Frank Sinatra and Tina Turner who represent their characters or the success that they have achieved that lasts. He who believes in yourself, in God, he opened the door.