BUDDHISM: Lessons that will surely change your life-Say and have the power to heal and to hurt!

Whatever religion you belong to, none promotes bad things. There are some rules of Buddhism as a commandment, that if you comply with improving the quality of your life. Try to follow them.

1. Love heals all.

2. Do not define what you say but what you do.

3. The secret of good health is to fully live in the present.

4. When looking inside yourself awake.

5. Say i have the power to heal and to harm.

6. Leave and it will be yours forever.

7. No one can walk your through except you.

8. Happiness is not reduced if the share.

9. Be kind to everyone.

10. Do not believe everything you say you believe.

11. How do you think so shall you be.

12. Get rid of the fear.

13. The truth always finds a way to be discovered.

14. Control your mind or it will drive you.

15. Doubt separates. Trust connects.

16. No one deserves it more than you love your own.

17. Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.

18. Spirituality is not a luxury but a necessity.

19. Replace jealousy with admiration

20. Find peace within yourself.

21. Get rid of attachments.

22 Wisely choose your friends.

23. There is no way to happiness. Sam meets the road.

24. Give up the code.

25. Vote. Live. Free yourself.