Bull trap scents, give attention to a shooter … How to seduce a man based on his horoscope sign?

We’d like to approach a potential partner, but do not know how to seduce him? It is enough to know what is in the zodiac sign, but you make a smart move.

How to seduce a man based on his horoscope sign?


Be aggressive and confident to bring down the leg Aries. They enjoy seeing a confident person, but do not overdo it. Be confident, but not arrogant. Give him an unexpected kiss and you will not be disappointed. Aries likes to lead but do not be afraid to make the first step. Once you arrive, relax and let the water Aries. You do not have to be the most attractive person in the room, but try to look good for Aries. Even a small effort that you did on the occasion of your physical appearance will fascinate Aries. Be nice, do not push the boundaries and be entertaining. Tease him to arouse interest in him and after that he will be unable to “put out” of the head.


How the earth sign Taurus, he relies on the senses. Always be freshly bathed and perfumed when you are with the bull. There is nothing that Taurus prefers smelling than a woman with manicured skin. This will be the first thing you notice. You can seduce a nice meal and flowers on the table, but do not forget the dessert. They love sweets!

Do not be afraid to give him a little space. The first will seem that he’s stubborn, but give him the space and will attract you closer.


They are usually quiet and do not show initiative. Do not be afraid to take the first step, which can be a simple conversation. This is what Gemini adore. They are talkative but also good listeners. Even when you look quiet, they have a dose of fun with that. Invite him to go out, it will be like him.

While you are alone with the twins do not be afraid to be romantic. Always be romantic with them. Hold his hand and tell him that you like. If he does not feel the same way about you, give him time and maybe change their minds.


Crabs are loyal and caring. They are not easy to break a leg, you first need to know what you are looking for. It can take a while so be patient. Get to know them first. If you show a lot of interest this can only strengthen your relationship.

Although we should be patient, do not be afraid to approach. Make the first step or the first kiss. Never do it in public, because they can get nervous. The most important thing is not to play games with them.


Leos like to be the center of attention. There is no such thing as a lot of compliments for Lava. Play and be mysterious. Give them space and allow them to chase after you, but do not be surprised if you Lav that area and it is expected that you’re after him.

When you go out with a lion, they prefer it to be a great and expensive. They like to go to dinner. Zasipajte compliment them for dinner, and they will die for you.


They are not looking for just good looks. They valued the cleanliness and fashion, but do not overdo it with clothes. Device valued brains before beauty. Try to keep a conversation with him on an intellectual level and not the emotional. They are shy and do not talk about emotions. Even the slightest touch of an instruction means that they are comfortable with you.

With the Virgin at the first meeting, go to a quiet place. They will not pay attention to the environment, because it will focus attention on the fact that you study.


To seduce Libra, you’ll need a lot of effort but the effort is worth it. Look at the level of the scale. This is not just beautiful clothes, but you need to choose the right place where you will come out with a Libra. They are very noble, but do not be rude and not proposing sex after the first meeting.

Flirt with Libra. Let the conversation has depth. They love to express their opinion. Do not wipe out their views on the first date. Be eloquent, and respect their opinions. Be polite. They are very intelligent, so be careful not to choose a topic in which I do not understand.


Zavodite Scorpio at your own risk. With them will not be playing. Always be open and honest with them because they are difficult to cheat. If you act with a Scorpio, it will not be good. If you’re honest you’ll love him. Be sure that you are prepared for its intensity before seducing him. They are attracted to passion. Attack him with conversation about something you absolutely interested and they will immediately be emotionally connected with you.


Seduction Sagittarius must be a ploy to whom you devote a lot of attention. They pay attention to everything, so be sure to mention the when you first met. Do not take the big issues such as marriage, because they prefer to be independent.

When leaving the shooters at a meeting, create a remarkable atmosphere. They prefer activities such as skating and bowling. They do interesting mental and physical activities. If you plan to eat something at a meeting, choose something exotic and interesting. Shooters prefer to listen and do not leave out the interesting story over dinner.


Be patient when you seduce Capricorn. Do not be afraid to be ambitious. They like ambition and worth the effort. Usually fall in love with more successful than themselves. Start a conversation with your ambitions, career and future plans. Capricorns like to hear these things, even when they sound dull and calm. Beneath this mask hides serious fun Capricorn. They are stupid and love to joke.

When you get to Capricorn’s respect, you will open and show their side that they hid until then.


Try to have fun when you seduce Aquarius. They may at first glance seem like normal people, but when you meet them realize how much they are unpredictable. Be spontaneous and adventurous. Aquarians do not pay too much attention to appearance, but your unfiltered thoughts. Take the conversation to seduce Aquarius. They love intellectual conversations. Be careful, do not mention marriage, because they will be to drive away from you.


They can not win the compliments, but money is not sexuality. Romance is the only path that can lead you to them. They are intimate souls who love creative outings such as picnics. Do not expect to immediately fall in love. Seduction Fish requires a lot of time and do not like links on one evening. To reach their hearts must bow their sentimental gift. Handwritten letter or poem to do more of something that money can buy.