Bunda 95: Phone number says a lot about your communication

According to numerology is not a coincidence that you really are the owner of a particular phone number. Numerologists claim that it says a lot about you!

If you are frequently changing your phone number, you may have noticed that the more a certain number of stories about love and less about work and vice versa. Your phone number in numerology is a mystery whose unraveling requires careful analysis. So, who is your “halo” number?

Gather all the digits of your cell phone, and the final summation reduce it to a single digit.

For example: 061-1234567- the final sum of the digits is 1.

The sum of digits of the number 1

You are the person whose basic features tendency to speed, clear thinking and sharpness say. While on the phone, gesturing a lot, all the time you move around the room several times repeating the interviewee the same thought. In addition, sensitive nerves and you’re overreacting. Weigh the runner when it comes to phone conversations, so your overhead is quite high.

The sum of digits of the number 2
You start talking about work, ending a romantic dinner invitation. You crucified between reality and imagination, love and commitment. Life gives you much more than it can accept. You are often in a position to do what at first glance seems impossible, but, all in all, you could say you handle.

The sum of digits of the number 3
Tweet even when you run a business conversation because in every situation you find reason to rejoice life. Your philosophy of life entails a strict exclusivity on a “take it or leave it”, which are in constant conflict with them, and with their environment. The good news is that in most cases, as a magic wand, you find a way out of any situation.

The sum of digits is 4
Weigh the person of conservative views, but are essentially very vulnerable. “Luck was not with me,” often pronounced, but you are not even aware how much luck is. No other tire, do not burden them with his resignation in! In essence you are stable and people are always in the crash land on his feet. Love brings disappointment to fifth decade of life.

The sum of digits is 5
Dynamic communication, romantic spirit, a person who has wide views of the world. Petica often leads to long and fruitless discussions of the “what’s new”. The desire for constant communication is greater than the actual needs. Your motto is: “There is in this moment.” A little of everything – the mix that fills you with pleasure. Your life is rich with provocative situations that require a break.

The sum of digits of the number 6
Talk in whispers, and your magnetic attraction intrigues interlocutors. This is a number that gives confidence and a gift for the precise arrangements when it comes to business, especially when it comes to financial transactions. Do you often need to talk to your partner and children and love that everything is under your control.

The sum of digits of the number 7
“I’ll finish things for its’ motto is number seven. Capricious actions afraid people you care about. Often jump from topic to topic, but you have good ideas and know how to implement them. You’re a weirdo who likes to be secluded and rarely accept an invitation to socialize. The complicated you and for others and for themselves. However, those who gain your sympathy everything is permitted.

The sum of digits of the number 8
In business you have a great organizer and a great operative. Your conversations are short and precise, you have a lot of energy and you are destined for success. You belong to people who know how to inspire, a skilled and others to beautify life. Eights are sometimes inclined to be broken down and start over. Their subtle intuition helps them to overcome all obstacles …

The sum of digits of the number 9
You do not have an excessive need for communication, your conversations are brief, but fruitful. Nine mostly small, quiet voice, but every word is in its place. It’s hard to convince you to change your attitude because you are looking too strong arguments. You seem unconcerned at first glance – your power of observation is amazing.